Period Support and Detox

The pain and symptomatic discomforts are due to toxicity and inflammation. Decreasing toxicity and inflammation in the body will result in fewer PMS symptoms prior to your cycle beginning and a more comfortable period process. 

At home pain remedies


I once learned from my acupuncturist of over a decade that PMS comes with the building or toning up of the blood. It’s like pressure building up, and then when the blood begins to move, (meaning you start to bleed), the pressure is released and the cramping for many goes away or greatly dissipates.

These supplements have always been helpful in diminishing pain: Wild Yam Complex, Cramplex, and Min-Chex (all from Standard Process). Dragon Time essential oil from Young Living also works wonders in our household.

Applying a warm pack, whether it be a hot water bottle or rice sock heated in the microwave to the abdomen or pelvis area feels nice and is helpful in softening some of the tight tissue.

Castor oil packs are also nice to releasing some cramping. 

A favorite yoga pose to take during my cycle is known as supta badha kanasana. It works wonders at releasing my low back and pelvic girdle. It’s grounding and comforting and with blanket rolls and a strap to support me, it’s a lovely way to unfold some of that stress.

If you’re looking for specific endocrine support, I suggest working with a practitioner who can get to the root cause of these concerns and support you in detoxing whatever stressors are lingering in those glands and organs. 


Common inflammation causing foods


Avoiding dairy, gluten, and sugar does wonders for a hormone cycle by decreasing inflammation in the body. If removing all three groups puts you in overwhelm, then just start with one. You’ll notice a difference in your cycle if you remove even one of these groups, though eliminate it at 100% so you really have a measure of your progress. I recommend giving it one full cycle to see the difference, though you may need to allow up to three cycles as it takes 90 days to clear a food from your body that you’ve eliminated.


Get to the root cause


Parasites wreak havoc on our endocrine system, period. No pun intended. We have heard reports from our clients of seeing small white parasites swimming in their cups when they take them out to change them. Yes, you are correct-not only do we encourage our clients to get a closer look at their bowels, but we also encourage them to take a closer look at what’s IN their cup before they dump it. It is really worth it to connect with your body at that level-having an average of what your bodily fluids look and smell like can give you great access to your ongoing health. 

I can speak for myself and many clients when I say that handling the parasites and the toxicity holding them in place may drastically reduce cycle symptoms and discomfort. My cycle has become such a non-issue to the point where the only reason I know it’s coming is because I have calendared it. This is a major relief having come from 10-day heavy clotting painful cycle to one where I bleed for a few days, the second day is heavier, it tapers for a couple of days and then is gone. It’s empowering to experience a no pain-no cramping cycle by learning how to care for myself to honor and nurture my cycle days.



The support of essential oils


Some find the support of essential oils throughout the month or specific cycle time alone can be helpful. I mentioned Dragon Time above, which was specifically formulated to support women during their cycles (hence the name). It supports both physical discomfort and more importantly the emotional swings by “taming the dragon”.  This oil can be applied to the back of your ears/neck and on the lower abdomen.

Other essential oils people find helpful and supportive around a cycle include: Lavender, Peace & Calming, Progessence Plus, Endoflex, and the Tranquil roll-on.

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Personal hygiene products to use and avoid


Did you know that tampons contain bleach and two phthalates? Phthalates are considered endocrine disruptors and are linked to changes in sex hormone levels, low sperm count, altered genital development. Chemicals coming into your body via your vagina are absorbed right into the bloodstream. 

Researchers also detected potentially harmful VOCs in the products tested. Xylene was found in all 11 of the menstrual pad brands tested, toluene in nine, and methylene chloride in two. Toluene and xylene were detected in all four diaper brands tested. Exposure to these and other VOCs have been linked to dizziness, skin irritation and allergic reactions, and even damage to kidneys and the central nervous system, according to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What you need to do is avoid these products and use safer women’s hygiene product options. 

Some women choose to create homemade hygiene products such as pads, which are easy to make and comfortable to use.

Organic cotton pads and tampons are available more and more. I’ve even found the at more small and rural grocery stores. What can’t be found locally can always be found online these days.

Period panties such as Thinx are a nice option. Personally they give me more confidence throughout my heavy day when I don’t have as much time or when my schedule runs over (no pun intended). We have tested these products on multiple clients and they do consistently test well. 

Menstrual cups of all shapes and sizes are available. There are even quizzes you can take online to help find the best fit for you. One of the many benefits here is really getting to know your cycle.

Ultimately making the switch to more reusable and sustainable options will support you in cleaning up the cycle process, allowing you to be more in touch with your cycle.

Another fun resource


The MyFLO app by Alisa Vitti, is a fun way to understand what’s happening emotionally and physically with your body during your cycle. It’s a low cost app and helps to calendar the cycle, understand the phases of your month, and will make suggestions for food, exercise, and self care tips. 

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