PRAISE for My Healthy Beginning

I had terrible back pain at random, sharp pains when I’d sit at my desk or ride in the truck. I had to keep Biofreeze nearby at all times. But now, all of my pain has disappeared! I haven’t needed the Biofreeze!!
— A.P.

My belly ache is subsiding with staying on the supplements, it feels good to see results. I am cutting the sugar and being more aware of my sugar intake and how I feel after the intake. I have less bloating and less breast tenderness. Saying no to candy and my sugar cravings are less. I’m learning to pack food for my trips, getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night, and making more organic food choices.
— A.S.

Let me just start with assuring you, you have come to the right place. Nichi Kuechle at My Healthy Beginning has been absolutely the best Practitioner, cheerleader, advocate, and guide on my heath journey and I am afraid to think of where I would be without her and Muscle Testing. It has been through her guidance my health and the health of my family is where it is today.

A mere two years ago our health was in shambles! We lived in a house we later found out was completely infested with mold. We couldn’t figure out why we were seeing our health decline so rapidly. After a very traumatic birth and almost dying from a hemorrhage due to this birth, my health was a wreck. Worst of all, I was making my way through graduate school for Chiropractic and knew if I didn’t get help soon I would not be able to go on. I wasn’t able to think straight my brain fog was so thick. I wasn’t able to eat as everything I put into my body, healthy or not, was throwing my stomach into disarray. I suffered from Esophageal Ulcers and Eosinophilic ringing and had been admitted to the hospital on a number of occasions for a week at a time. Aches and pains terrorized my body including debilitating migraines I had experienced on a weekly basis since I was 5 years old. My heartbeats were completely random and weak. Needless to say I was so fatigued I had a hard time even just lifting my arms, let alone lift my now 18 month old or care for my 2 other older children.

I had been to several medical doctors, hospitals, chiropractors, and health practitioners. We ran just about every blood and urine test under the sun. The answer was always the same: “Let’s keep an eye on this and see where it goes”. No one was going to be able to “help” me until I was completely broken. That is until I found Nichi by chance at a Lunch and Learn when I volunteered myself and my 18 month old for a demonstration on how to muscle test babies for nutrition for Northwestern Health Sciences’ Pediatric and Pregnancy Club. As I experienced her work, I had my first glimpse of hope that there may be a way back to health from just how far I had fallen. Soon after I started under her as a Muscle Testing client. Interestingly, every since result we found with blood and urine tests, she found through Muscle Testing in the first handful of visits!!!

It only took about 4 months to start seeing some serious results. I began feeling better slowly, week to week previously but around the 4 month mark I “woke up”. It felt like previous to this moment I had been stuck in a deep nightmare and wasn’t able to shake it. The day I woke up will be forever etched in my mind. Through all the changes to my diet and recording my dietary intake, regular appointments to help me stay on track, emotional support from Nichi and her ENTIRE TEAM, and taking my vitamins as recommended, I went from almost failing my classes to pulling mostly “A’s”. I was able to play with my children without fatiguing. I was able to eat whole foods, meat, healthy fat, vegetables, and fruits without wanting to throw up anymore. I haven’t stepped foot in a hospital or medical doctor’s office ever since. My body and mind have been getting stronger and sharper on a daily basis.

Complete bonus since starting care, I conceived and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. As my previous labor and delivery threw my health further into disarray, we were all very nervous this time around for my safety. Nichi worked with me through my pregnancy to prepare my body for delivery and labor. My pregnancy was the BEST I’ve ever had by far! So many of my “normal” pregnancy symptoms turned out to be simply a lack of proper nutrition! I was my able to have a safe and healthy home birth with almost no damage to my body. My baby was incredibly healthy. My midwives said my placenta was literally the prettiest placenta they had ever seen. Also, my umbilical cord was double the thickness of any they had previously seen. Just think of all the fantastic nutrition my baby was receiving through that umbilical cord!!

Thank you so much to Nichi and the My Healthy Beginning team for supporting me through this difficult time in my life and holding my hand on my journey to health!!! I look forward to our future years together in maintaining this hard fought for health!!!
— E.H.

I had a physical last week and they tested me for Lyme disease, sure enough, it came back positive! It feels so good to have validation! If it weren’t for you, I never would have thought I had Lyme. So THANK YOU! I wanted to get the blood test so it was in my medical chart, also so I can tell my family and friends about it.
— L.K.

PSYCH-K sessions are game-changing. She has the gift of finding your blocks and quickly and easily clearing them, especially the deep big blocks that are holding you back in some big way in your life. Expect miracles to unfold in your life after every session with Nichi.
— H.D.

I want to thank Nichi and her team from the bottom of my heart. I begged several functional doctors to work with me from home and they wouldn’t. I have had pneumonia 5 times so I have been staying home and staying safe. But I was getting more and more uncomfortable symptoms. I wanted to use this at home time to heal. I found Nichi in a very serendipitous way and I am so blessed I did. I had terrible stomach, gas and bloating. (Thank God I live alone.) My face was covered in a rash that looked horrible. My arms itched so bad at night I couldn’t sleep. Not to mention the scratches and blood I was creating scratching all night.

Before finding Nichi I tried a 4 week elimination diet, then you add back food. Pretty much how I spent my Christmas. I got some brain fog relief but unfortunately nothing else. Not to mention how do you live on a such a restrictive diet? I have been with Nichi now for 7 weeks and I feel incredible!! I have energy, no bloating, no gas, and my face is clear! I can not believe how incredibly talented and intuitive Nichi is! I know when I told my sister what I was doing she thought
I’m a quake. But do you ever just know when something is right? When you know that you are not feeling right, but your regular doctor runs tests and draws blood, just to tell you, you’re fine? That happened to me. I went on for another year
before I couldn’t take it any longer and I found Nichi.

I wish and pray that everyone will put themselves and their health first. Call Nichi and find your incredible self again! (Just don’t keep her too busy, she doesn’t have time for me! Lol). It is so incredible how when Nichi gets on the phone with me she is spot on every time. Not just my physical health but my mental and emotional as well. I owe you everything! I love you and I feel extremely blessed every day!
— L.P.

My son who is 4 years old, since day one has been whiny and didn’t sleep well. He would wake up and be crabby and always seemed to have an issue with something or just didn’t feel quite right. We’ve been working with Nichole at My Healthy Beginning for one month now and I have a new, happy child. He wakes up in the morning and is full of JOY the moment he wakes up and he’s ready to go as he skips out of his room. His sleep is great and his ability to sit and focus and even communicate to others has completely changed. He has no meltdowns, is so kind and is even listening better. I can’t believe the change in him in such a short time and I can’t even come up with the words for how grateful and happy this makes me, as his mom, feel. I’m beyond blessed to have found Nichole and am excited to see all the gains my son will be having as we continue our program. THANK YOU!!

For 6 years I have struggled with severe headaches, fatigue, brain fog, bloating, and cramping.  Weeks after starting my program, my headaches have significantly reduced, my energy has increased, I’m sleeping better and my overall outlook is much more positive allowing me the patience I need for my family.  I didn’t know how awful I had actually been feeling until I started to feel better.  As a bonus, my nails, skin, and hair have also seen significant improvement!
— K.H.

Regarding Women’s Circles: I always get something out of it that I didn’t expect.
— Liz K.

When I first came to MHB I was kind of a mess! I struggled with insomnia and extreme fatigue. My heart was struggling to function well after a recent traumatic event. But now about 3 months later, I am sleeping better and have so much more energy. I am back to work full-swing! I am so grateful to Nichi for her care! Expertise!
— A.B.

I’m with the BEST practitioner right now! I knew you were on the right path from the first report of findings back in July…you got in deeper with your tool belt & your knowledge/experience is leading me towards freedom!
— B.G.

Before the program, I had long standing depression and anxiety, moodiness around my period, ongoing fatigue, brain fog, slow recovery from attending births (which is my job), and I was at my heaviest weight ever. As I started the program, I was slow to make changes. My practitioner, Nichi of My Healthy Beginning, went super slow with me taking it only as far as I was willing to go at a time. She was so supportive and caring, I never felt pushed to do anything I wasn’t ready for.

I started noticing changes almost immediately. Before long, I noticed that I could work long days without feeling depleted and be more available to my family in the evenings, my brain fog was gone, and my PMS was noticeably improved.

Now, a year and a half into doing Muscle Testing, I have dropped 40 lbs, my recovery from births is 24 hrs instead of 5 days or more, I have more energy, I don’t have food cravings anymore and my mood is better overall.
— A.F.

I sought out Muscle Testing in the spring of 2017 to help me sort out food sensitivities that I suspected my kids were having. My son had chronic diarrhea, a rash on his bottom and swollen lymph nodes in his groin that I could not figure out how to get rid of. My daughter had frequent headaches and stomach aches that we could not discover what was causing them. I knew I had some things that I could work on, but mostly I started for them. Because of the summer schedule and the difficulty getting them to appointments, we decided to start with me first and then we would start them in the fall once I got the hang of doing a program.
— A.F.

For my children, doing Muscle Testing has also been amazing. When my son was first tested, poultry showed up as a stressor and we cut it out of his diet and his chronic diarrhea immediately disappeared. My daughter’s headaches and mystery stomach aches are also gone. Now when she has a stomach ache we can usually figure out what she ate that caused it and do better next time.
— A.F.

I am so grateful that I found Muscle Testing and I am so excited to share it as a practitioner with clients in my midwifery practice as well as with anybody looking to feel better and be healthier. I love that it is not a one-size fits all approach – each person’s body tells us what it needs and how to support it!
— A.F.

This wonderful place is 100% passionate about helping its customers. They provide great services and they truly care about your health!
— B.G.

My daughter and I love everyone at My Healthy Beginning! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. We have been doing Nutritional Response Testing for a few months now and I have definitely noticed a difference. I also appreciate all of the healthy meal/snack advice for a busy mom
— K.A.

I was struggling with stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, acne, headaches and irritability. Working with Nichi has eliminated ALL of those symptoms. She has educated and guided me towards a healthy, natural lifestyle. She has provided me and my children with encouragement, support and endless resources. My health and happiness continue to improve.
— C.W.M.

I highly recommend MHB, I first went to get control of my youngest’s eczema, nothing the pediatrician recommended was working. They were able to figure out what foods we needed to drop and it healed immediately. We’ve been going ever since, they are such a wealth of knowledge and really care!
— C.M.

Nutrition Coaching win:
My sugar intake is down in the last couple of weeks and I have more energy!
I have been drinking a lot less pop in the last couple of weeks and have more energy!
I have added Replenish to my water daily to substitute for pop and that has helped my cravings for pop.
Again, thank you for your guidance and support, I so appreciate it!
— L.F.

No more Benadryl and Melatonin!
Before I started I had an extremely hard time falling asleep at night and couldn’t stay awake enough during the day. Was never a morning person, couldn’t get up, waking multiple times at night. Tried many things but nothing truly helped.

Within just a few months I was able to get off of all these medications: Humira, Methotrexate, Gabapentin, Omeprazole, and then after a year of progress, I got off Amlodipine and Metoprolol. I also lost weight, my hair stopped falling out, I’m longer dealing with Crohn’s or Rheumatoid Arthritis, and no longer see a Rheumatologist If I had to name this program, I’d call it: “I’ve been waiting for you all my life!
— Julie G.

Since starting my Muscle Testing program I no longer need Benadryl and Melatonin! I can fall asleep at night without anything extra and am no longer waking at midnight. It’s easier to wake up in the morning feeling more energized as well!
— T.Z.

For 36 years I’ve had stomach, thyroid, and anxiety amongst other ailments. I’ve been to doctors, had endoscopies, been on numerous pills, changed diets and nothing has given me relief. I have had my 4th visit today with Nichi and feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally than I ever have.
— R.R.

Renewed and More Energy (could I have more, not possible )
Confidence (same as comment above )
Emotional and Mental Health Support (this was a shocker – always thought I was ‘fine’)
More restful sleep (thought I was a good sleeper, but dang, even better!)
— Trisha W

I have always struggled with my weight and was at the time on a popular weight loss program that had me eating four of those prepackaged meals a day and I had no idea how bad it was for me. My friend was seeing Nichi for a designed clinic nutrition and Muscle Testing program with eating whole real foods. I was super skeptical but she was much healthier and happier since starting at my healthy beginning.

Seasonal allergies- I was an itchy, watery, runny, sneezy miserable mess. I loved being outside in the summer but couldn’t stand it due to allergies so I spent a lot of time indoors, would take a 24 hr allergy pill and still be miserable. After working with Nichi at MHB my allergies are gone 95% of the time. If they do flair it’s easy to manage with whole food supplements! I can now go hiking, camping, gardening and actually enjoy being outdoors!

My menstrual cycle was all out of whack. I had been on birth control from age 16 to “manage” my heavy long and painful period. I would miss work at least one day a month due painfully intense cramping. My food cravings were insane and left me ridden with guilt. After working with Nichi at MHB to slowly make changes to my diet, I started to notice a huge shift in my monthly cycle. I went off birth control and was able to naturally regulate and manage my cycles symptoms with supplements and diet thanks to Nichi’s guidance. No more painful cramps, missing work or guilt-ridden food binges.

It was incredible having Muscle Testing as a tool to support my body through all the weird things that come with pregnancy and to support my baby as he grew! Everything from energy slumps to muscle cramps were managed with diet and supplementation! My pregnancy was enjoyable as I was guided by MHB. I hired an MHB doula, Shaina, was out of this world. Her Bradley class left us understanding birth and my body!

Becoming a mom is overwhelming at times and honestly don’t know how I would have made it this far without Nichi and MHB. In the first 18 months of my sons life we experienced everything from nursing issues, tongue and lip ties, cradle cap, upset tummies, baby eczema, diaper rash, a tummy bug, teething, ear aches, starting food, food sensitivities and Nichi has been amazing. We were able to pinpoint and support his tiny body and move through these things at times within days. My friends ask me what my secret is and why my son is so alert, healthy and happy. It’s simple we use Nichi and NRT to let his body tell us what he needs.

Along with my weight, some of my other persistent complaints that I had and no intentions of being resolved became manageable.

It’s not always quick or easy, it’s not an instant 10 pounds weight loss in two weeks like some programs promise. I am still working on my overall weight, but working with Nichi and Muscle Testing I have been able to lose weight, removes allergies, get outside more, sleep deeper, have more energy, learn about my body and real food, regulate my cycle and go off birth control, have an out of this world pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery, and have a healthy, happy child who is thriving all because I took a chance with ️Muscle Testing at My Healthy Beginning.
— S.M.

– Ability to sleep thru the night, which I had been unable to do for several years
– Peace in my digestive system…I had become very complacent with regular stomach problems, figuring that “was just how my body was”…turns out it’s not!
– Mental stability/anxiety control
– Overall body awareness – what it tolerates and what it doesn’t, knowing when something isn’t right (my thyroid is a great example)
– Awareness of food labels/ingredients – this one is powerful!!! I had NO IDEA what I was putting in my body before seeing Nichi!
– Zero doctor visits outside of my yearly exam and no prescription meds!
– The empowerment that comes from knowing you have the tools to take control of your body and life! There really aren’t proper words to describe how good that feels! You can’t put a price on that with money or time, it’s worth every dime and minute!
— P.W.

– hourly HOT flashes significantly reduced to two-to-three daily warm spells
– scary, AND thankful for, continuous parasitic flush
– ankle cyst: GONE
– hemorrhoids: in reduction mode
– sleep: singing to the tune of “getting better every dayyyy”
— C.M.

Before Muscle Testing I had 1-2 headaches weekly that were so bad I wouldn’t move or leave my bed. I hurt everywhere, and couldn’t get any relief. It would keep me homebound. I was prediabetic with fuzzy and blurry vision. I couldn’t focus and reading was difficult. I am an avid scrapbooker and love to read and hadn’t done any of that because it was too hard to focus and was exhausting. I drank a lot of soda and had very sluggish bowels. Fast forward to the present: since starting my sessions at My Healthy Beginning I have had only 2 headaches in 9 weeks. None of them were migraines and were completely manageable. My inflammation markers have started to move in the right direction. I haven’t been able to budge them in over a year. They have gone from 114 to 89 and 75 to 4.9 and that is HUGE for me! I have a bit to go to be in the normal range but I am so excited they are moving. My diabetes numbers have moved from 6.5 to 5.9 My liver panel is actually perfect and there is no sign of NASH disease. I am able to read a bit longer then before and have scrapbooked some. I also have a bowel movement every day. I know I have a ways to go but am excited that My Healthy Beginning has gotten my numbers to move and I am on the right track!
— Kris C.

My 18 month old and I were both very congested and fatigued. He was puking/spitting up and constipated. Our congestion has greatly improved. My son is no longer puking and is pooping on his own. He is much more alert and significantly stronger.”
— M.I.

We came to Nichi when Ryder was 5 weeks old. We had many nights of Ryder crying and crying for hours. He would bring his legs up and cry, arch his back, extend his neck. It broke my heart watching my breastfed baby in so much pain. I know breast is best, but I felt like I was doing something wrong, I almost gave up. We saw Nichi, cut out the foods that were hurting our bellies, started taking all natural supplements and within days, my baby was a new baby! Relaxed, calm, no screaming or throwing up. Pure miracle. This changed our life! I am so amazed! We eat clean now, and life is much much calmer! Ryder is now such an amazing baby!! Thank you!
— Lindsey J

For 6 years I have struggled with severe headaches, fatigue, brain fog, bloating, and cramping. Weeks after starting my program, my headaches have significantly reduced, my energy has increased, I’m sleeping better and my overall outlook is much more positive allowing me the patience I need for my family. I didn’t know how awful I had actually been feeling until I started to feel better. As a bonus, my nails, skin, and hair have also seen significant improvement!
— K.H.

I was always tired, bloated, and couldn’t get through the day because my energy was so slow. I now have more energy to get through my day, can digest foods better and feel great. I can’t imagine my life without this program!
— KW

I had shaking of my hands/arms similar to Parkinson’s Disease (at age 26), had spent thousands of dollars on doctors over the years, to no avail. Within one week on my Muscle Testing program my hands were stabilized.
— Greg M.

My son had eczema when I initially came to help him and didn’t realize my body also needed support. My son’s skin is now clear and healed naturally. I am 25 pounds lighter and sleep better. I have more energy and overall my whole family eats better and feels better.”
— Rachel J.

I was tired and irritable all the time and am now more awake and less moody.
— M.K

I always felt like it was a struggle to do daily life. I had low energy, upset stomach, and mental fog. The most ordinary tasks required so much effort. I now have energy! I feel great. I am more aware of how much my body speaks to me and can make better decisions because of the things I have learned.
— K.K.

I had cystic acne that appeared almost daily and I was always self conscious of my skin, and on top of that I got headaches 3-4/week. I have now gone almost 2 weeks without a headache, which has been amazing! My acne is also beginning to heal.
— A.W.

I had headaches every day, some so severe that I hide in a dark room with ice packs. I had low energy and was tired all the time. My energy is improving and I’ve had several days without headaches (and the severity of them has also gone down.)
— T.F.

It was hard for me to deal with daily stressors, small to large. I got bad gas daily and had poor bowel balance. I also struggled falling asleep at night. I can now manage daily life stressors in a much easier and effective way. I have more mental clarity and increased energy. I know what foods cause me gas and it’s easier for me to fall and stay asleep each night.
— Cassie E.

My son had eczema when I initially came to help him and didn’t realize my body also needed support. His skin is now clear and healed naturally. I am 25 pounds lighter and sleep better. I have more energy and overall my whole family eats better and feels better.
— Rachel J.

I was so very tired, mentally cloudy and had insomnia all the time. I now feel amazing, have all the energy, and mentally feel really great.
— Jackie H.

I was on an emotional hormone roller coaster, never knowing which way was up. I’m now on a much more even keel and it feels great!
— J.H.

I was feeling very “blah”, lacking energy and had a lot of roller coaster emotions. My skin was dry and holding on to excess fat. I’m definitely on my way to better health. I’m sleeping better and my skin is healing. My body composition seems different as well.
— Lisa C.

I was miserable. I was in pain and had nausea every day. I had an upset stomach, was irritable, and never felt good. I was emotional and cried all the time. I feel so much better. I have no more stomach pain, no nausea, and no vomiting. My mood is more stable and I’m no longer irritated all the time, with no more crying.
 Carissa M.

I was more stressed and unhappy, had lots of stomach aches and was super tired, bloated and had headaches. I am better now. I have less stomach aches, am happier, and am more upbeat. I’m less stressed and the bloating has gone down. I am more awake and haven’t had headaches as much.
 Emily P.

I was bloated, tired, and hungry at night. I now have less water retaining in my face and hands. My pants fit a bit looser than before (need a belt now!) and I’m no longer always hungry at night.
 Toni H.

I had brain fog, was lethargic, my body aches and I had a rash on my arms. I am better now, my memory is improving and my itchy arms have gotten better. My joints aren’t as stiff and I’m enjoying the nutritional information. Kathy P.

I was bloated all the time, had frequent acne, and was hungry all the time. I also had very loose and frequent stools. Now my bloating has significantly decreased. Rather than waking up bloated it occurs late in the day and only sometimes. Acne has decreased in size. Bowel movements have decreased in frequency and have become more manageable as well.
— Hannah P.

I give credit to the specialized nutrition program I’ve received at My Healthy Beginning (in Long Lake, MN) thru the use of Muscle Testing. This work gave me a list of foods to work off of that was tailored specifically to my body and what it was and is dealing with and especially the supplements that I have used thru a program from Standard Process and a couple of homeopathic lines and essential oils-all working on removal of toxins and stress. All of that had to work together to actually have me lose the weight in totality. Not to mention I’ve healed a myriad of health issues along the way including horrible IBS, that I saw countless specialist and took tons of meds for… without any results. I’ve almost no acne anymore in comparison to always having lots of break outs, I now have regular menstrual cycles from almost always missing periods my whole life since puberty and having horrible symptoms to mild now, and since I’ve lost the weight slowly over time and I do mild strength exercises like yoga and squats, I do not have excess hanging skin that will ever likely require surgery to remove.

Before I started on the thyroid protocol with Nichi, I didn’t have any energy. I felt like I was in a constant fog that just wouldn’t clear up. When it came to sleep, no matter when I laid down, I could sleep for 30 minutes only and never felt rested. My back and knees throbbed in pain and I was resigned that my weight was never going to change.

Now that I’m on my program I no longer deal with fatigue and I can actually move! I am walking faster, bending easier, and doing squats like a champ because I no longer have knee pain. I am thinking clearer than ever before. When I go to bed at night I fall asleep within minutes. And my weight is melting off!
— Manna Towler

I had very low energy, insomnia, difficulty concentrating at work and a huge craving (nearly uncontrollable) for sweets and candy in the afternoons at work. I am still dealing with some insomnia and my mind is still wandering at work but overall my focus is much better and my cravings for sweets have decreased by about 95%.
— D.E.

Craved sugar every day, very tired and had difficulty sleeping. Rare sugar cravings now, sleep pretty sound at night with little trouble falling asleep.
— A

I was a disaster! I had major skin issues that made me itch, itch, itch! I also had many random body complaints, like dizziness, brain fog, headaches, anxiety and I just felt super off all the time. I also never had menstrual cycles due to PCOS. I also had digestive/bowel issues. Skin issues are I’d say 90% better overall. I’m cycling!! Anxiety is way less! Symptoms are almost gone. Digestion is leaps and bounds better.
— S.H.

Constant sore fingers Often sweats at night, emotional mindless eating.
Arthritis pain has decreased, sweats gone, appetite reduced.
—  S.G.

Severe fatigue, my body felt like it wasn’t in sink with itself.
Overall symptoms are reduced, less fatigue. Body feels like it is getting along and working together.
— T.C.

I didn’t feel awful, but I had limited visibility into my nutritional sensitivities.
I generally feel good and I know what to eat and avoid to feel my best.
— A.S.

Very sluggish, did not like myself or figure.
I have a lot more energy, I like myself better, I feel a lot better, improved attitude.
My Dr. tells me that if I continue on this program I will no longer require a medical Dr.!
— L.E.

Craved sugar, blurry vision, knee pain.
Fewer cravings for sure, improved vision, no knee pains.
— P

I could tell that I needed to make some changes to feel better. I was in supplementary treatment for a long time. Symptoms never really went away. Now my symptoms are largely under control. I am feeling much better after changing my diet. Having an appointment every two weeks helps tremendously.
— B.S.

I was tired often. I had trouble getting motivated. I had lost joy in activities. I am much less fatigued. I have a measure of (excitement) joy in daily life and activities.
— P.T.

Moods were pretty bad and were unstable. Felt tired, run down and annoyed ALL the time.
Moods are the biggest improvement. It used to be that I had one good day every few months. Now bad days are much more rare and my body is starting to eliminate on a regular basis versus monthly or bi-weekly.
— E.B.

I was very tired and rarely had any energy during the afternoons.
I have much more energy to clean my house and take care of my kids.
— M.E.

I’ve seen an immense improvement on my daughters math homework since we’ve started supplements and a major improvement with her sleep schedule. I just wanted to say I really appreciate you recommending those for her. I can’t thank you enough. School has been going so much better for her. I’m so proud of her and happy we chose this route!
— S.A.

Before visiting My Healthy Beginning, I suffered mild to severe headaches daily and also had an extremely hard time sleeping at night. My headaches have pretty much completely diminished and I am now sleeping completely through the night.
— S.A.

Work was often hindered because I was distracted, unable to focus and not feeling “quite right”. Often after eating I would have symptoms including quickening pulse. Often considered if medication could help me “mentally” Often feel fatigued in afternoons and crave sweets. “Symptoms” are not 100% better, but have improved. Primarily my ability to focus has improved. Still have responses to meals including quickening heartbeat and fatigue.
— A.T.

Before I came in, I had horrible nasal allergies and horrible gas. I’m happy to say that both of those issues have been resolved and I couldn’t be happier! Another issue I was having was brain fog and that is an issue I’m still working on.
— A.B.

When we started we were not getting sleep. Drew had horrible eczema, hated eating and had watery eyes all the time. He also had chronic ear infections. Now we “usually” sleep, he only gets eczema on occasion and for the most part enjoys eating. He also hasn’t had an ear infection in 4 months!
— J.S.

Did not like my body very much. Was not sure what foods I should be eating.
I love the shifts in my body. My doctor tells me that whatever I am doing to keep my sugar and cholesterol perfect. She loves my weight loss.
— L.E.

Tired, fatigued, bowel issues, sick often, dry sick.
More energy, haven’t been sick since, frequent bowels (two daily), not as dry.
— K.M.

Before visiting MHB, I was miserable on a daily basis. Severe gas kept me up through the night, frequent diarrhea kept me anxious and I would feel nauseous after eating. I had seen to 3 doctors, and went through medical testing to find nothing wrong. Six months later  WOW what a huge difference! Beyond the supplements that assist my body with digesting food, I’m learning what foods are making my body unhappy. I have some fine-tuning to do, but I can make informed choices now.
— M.N.

I was tired a lot, especially after lunch. I craved sugar all the time and lacked proper nutrition.
Much better! I have much more energy in the afternoons and can get a lot more done around the house.
— M.E.

Screaming arching pain, raw red sore cheeks, bad eczema, very itchy cheeks and head.
Screaming arching pain gone!! Some eczema, with itching only sometimes — seems to be more at night when tired.
— Mom of B.

Open sores on arms, digestive issues, fatigue, restless legs and problems sleeping.
Arms are better, no digestive problems, no restless legs at night and sleeping like a baby.
— L.K.

I felt tired and sluggish all the time, my hands and feet were so cold that my hubby would complain about it and my bowel movements when that actually did happen took twenty plus minutes to pass. I had what felt like uncontrollable sugar cravings that were never satisfied and was always hungry or more like I never felt satisfied.
I have more energy and I am more in tune with my body. I can tell if something has been snuck into food that my body doesn’t like because I feel off. My hands and feet only get cold in the air conditioning now and my bowel movements are regular and no it longer takes me 20 minutes to pass. I can tell when I’m hungry because my body actually signals me and when I’m satisfied and full, there is an actual physical sensation now where before there was not. I still have sugar cravings but they now feel manageable and the sugar I eat is naturally occurring sugars. I actually know what the food is I eat and my body can feel the difference.

Bloated, felt like I had parts of my body not in control, wanted to find a place that would help me with my specific body needs.
Have lost some weight, can see results that the supplements are working (my liver and spleen are working better). I was not aware that I wasn’t as healthy as I thought I was.
— J.B.

Lots of stomach pain, felt sick most of the time, eating was awful and not enjoyable, very stressed.
I eat much better. I feel much better. Still have some pain and bloating but much better.
— T.C.

I was tired all the time and had some crazy, itchy rash. I also felt really sluggish. Now I know what to do to heal my body from the inside out.

Before coming in to see Nichi and the team, I felt like a complete mess without a solution. Aside from issues like sugar cravings, weight gain, and low energy  I was having major issues with my cycle and a recent diagnosis of PCOS. I had never had a “normal “ cycle since age 16 but after stopping birth control last July (2017) I did not have a menstrual cycle occur naturally for ten months. I came to see Nichi to get some natural, nutrition based help – as I’ve always believed food is medicine and so much can change by healing from the inside out. After doing extensive testing, she created a program for me. I began following it ASAP on a Friday morning and by Sunday … I had my first cycle in almost a year. I told my OBGYN, who was hinting she thought the timing was coincidental. I know it was because Nichi was able to give my body WHAT IT NEEDED. Thank you so much!! Can’t wait to keep going.

Before I didn’t get my period, my mood was all over the place and I knew something wasn’t right. I had a bunch of odd symptoms, aches and pains and jaw clenching. I had no energy even though I ate healthy. I would just be in bed like someone just turned the off switch and I would be out of service. Now I get my period with the cycle of the moon and I feel like I have a zest for life. I now know which diet works for my body thanks to all the testing and I have fallen in love with feeling amazing. I have no desire to “cheat” on my diet because feeling good is just so much better. All of my odd symptoms get less and less. It’s hard to even remember how bad I really was and the best part is I’m only getting better and better!
—  J.S.

Sinus better, more energy, balance better, less depression, less anxiety, clearer thinking.

My cat allergy was very bad. I would rate it 8/10 despite being on three prescription medications. After six to seven weeks on the program, my allergy symptoms have improved to 5/10! I came in for my food intolerances and never expected an improvement in my allergies.
— M.F.

I was having GI issues and trouble finding the right diet for my body. Nichi has helped me gain a better perspective on what it means to “eat healthy.” She has helped me find the trigger foods that cause inflammation in my body. I feel much better, even though I have a ways to go. I feel like my body already feels better and is on the way to healing.  J.M.

My life before seeing Nichi and her team was sluggish and low energy. It was difficult to keep up and sometimes be kind to my family. I am now able to enjoy the small things without being anxious or stressed out.
— K.A.

I have gone from having a lot (most of the time) gastric reflux issues, achy joints, feeling very run down, etc – to feeling great! My energy level is back where it should be. My joints are not achy. My stomach feels great. It’s wonderful to feel this way!
— G.P.

Before finding My Healthy Beginning I always felt tired, sluggish, brain fog, my speech was affected. I would trip over my words. My tongue felt too big for my mouth. My speech is improved. I have more energy. I’m feeling like myself again. I haven’t felt like me for 13 years. I’m still working on weight loss and recovering my hair but I have hope for the first time in years.
— L.P.

Before MHB I suffered from lower back and knee joint pain. Nodule like ache, frequent sour stomach and digestive issues and was exercising occasionally, at best. Life with MHB has been amazing! Lower back pain is gone, my gut is feeling great, energy level is up, way up; so much so that I completed my first triathlon after 11 weeks of training. Yahoo! Totally in love with life and MHB has been a huge part of my success. Thank you. — T.W.

I have been continuously feeling cruddy – seemed to be progressively worse (in spite of avoiding what I thought was bothering me) Being tired all the time was a clear indicator to me that I needed to figure out what was going on. In just one week, I can’t believe how much better I feel. While there is work to be done, I feel more energy (a lot more). I’m not feeling achy and I’m sleeping for 7 hours straight. Awesome – We are on the way!!
— G.P.

I was unable to lose any weight, had very frequent crippling migraines, no sex drive and a horrible enlarged thyroid that no doctors could figure out. After three visits, I’ve gotten so much more energy, lost 6 lbs, sleeping very well through the night and I’ve only had ONE migraine, from 5+ migraines per week. This program is life changing. Thank you Nichi!
— A.H.

Since I’m not coming in for another 1.5 weeks, just wanted to share a little story. Nichi had been finding hot ovaries for about 3 weeks … and I had felt bloated, crampy, and off but nothing was showing up… This past Friday morning I woke up feeling “hungover” with a headache and cramps, totally confused why I felt so crappy. (Which is kind of funny because my friends knew right away this is what a real period feels like.) BUT a few hours into the day, my second cycle in a year officially started. Just wanted to share with you guys because it feels like magic! Cool reminder that you have to stick to a program and trust the process. Anyway, have a great week and thanks for all you both do! — C.J.

Things have been crazy for us getting out of our house, renting and now living in California! I’ve been thinking about you all and how grateful I am to have found My Healthy Beginning. And how bummed I am that we had to cut it short. I don’t know when/if we are coming back to MN. But when we do, we will be sure to check in with you and see where things are at for us. Again, thank you so much for everything. I have noticed how much more G and I can tolerate in food and the environment. Usually all of this moving around would have us in rough shape!
— R.S.

Two weeks ago I came down with a severe case of food poisoning, so bad that I was suffering from the after effects until yesterday … When I was able to get into Nichole Hirsch Kuechle for a nutrition response testing session. She was so great by finding the causes of my ongoing problem and then was able to pinpoint the supplements I needed….
Today I’m having a day of relief, and FINALLY feel like I’m on the mend. So grateful to these healers, you do amazing work! Thank you!! — J.D.

I used to take Humira every other week! Injecting it into my abdomen for Rheumatoid Arthritis & Crohn’s disease. Also took Methotrexate – also injected into my abdomen every week!! Couldn’t get out of bed myself because of the pain in my joints and exhaustion! My husband helped me out of bed every morning. Was on a total of 12 – 15 different meds. Saw my Rheumatologist every 3 months for blood work to make sure my medication levels were ok for my body!! Life was spent going to the Dr. all the time! I started seeing Nichi 10 months ago and I feel like I have been waiting for her all my life! I am now off Humira, Methotrexate, Gabapentin & Tramadol. I feel awesome, I can get out of bed (I actually jump out of bed most mornings!). I have a lot of energy (which I need for my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter Finley!) and feel like this is what my body needed! At 57 I really thought I was destined for meds & Dr’s all my life! Nope – just whole food supplements and a plan! BTW No more Rheumatologist anymore either!
— J.G.

I struggled with headaches all through my school years. Later they turned into migraines which totally took over my life, I had them almost daily and it absolutely ruined my sleep. Within one week of seeing Nichi they almost completely disappeared and within a month all neck/head pain was gone. Since then she’s helped me with my physical and emotional well-being. I’ve been able to go off my anxiety medication and still feel in control. She’s also given me such a better understanding of how to read my own body and feed myself proper foods to make me feel amazing! — M.P.

So I’ve been away from NRT for well over 3 months. Life got crazy, money got tight – the usual. After one week of being back at it and taking my supplements regularly I feel AMAZING! The symptoms I came in with have subsided or have drastically decreased. I can’t accurately describe how happy I am. — M.B.

Before coming to MHB I thought I was doing everything right, as far as eating and my daily habits. Once I came here, my eyes were opened. The foods I was consuming and my daily schedule was actually hindering my health! I got a great insight on how my body was working and how my organs were actually in stress! I greatly appreciated the advice, tips, and care that I have received. Since starting my program I have felt and seen my progress! Thank you, My Healthy Beginning!

Since starting on my supplements and trying to avoid certain foods I have noticed my speech has improved. I used to trip over my words and it felt like my tongue was too big for my mouth. I’m excited to see what happens next!
— L.P.

My life before My Healthy Beginning was chaotic and unpredictable. Working with Nichi and Manna has brought awareness to my eating and how making small changes can make huge differences. Life, after only 6 weeks at My Healthy Beginning is calming down and helping me make wise choices.

I want to share a token of my heart’s gratitude in helping me to take charge of my health and find healing for my physical body with food and nutrition. I will be forever grateful to you.
— C.T.

I’ve been meaning to tell you that you would be amazed at how clear my skin is from staying away from dairy and gluten! I don’t even wear cover up anymore! I can’t thank you enough for how much you helped me.
— N.C.C.

As a chiropractor I am all about nutrition and proper eating. However, what do you do when you don’t know what in your diet is causing an issue? Yes you can go get poked dozens of times and see what you are allergic to. But it still may not give you the specificity needed. One of my daughters was having digestive issues and I could not for the life of me figure out exactly what was causing it. So I reached out to the person I know could (Nichi Kuechle) and I cannot thank her enough for helping my daughter.
— H.F. (DC)

Before I started doing the Thyroid protocol with Nichi, I didn’t have any energy, I felt like I was in this constant fog that wouldn’t clear up. When it came to sleep it didn’t matter what time I laid down I couldn’t fall asleep for at least 30 minutes, I would never wake up feeling rested and both my back and knees just throbbed in pain. And my weight I was resigned to thinking it was never going to change. Now that I have been on the thyroid protocol. I no longer deal with fatigue. I can move! I am walking faster, bending easier, doing squats like a champ because I no longer have knee pain. I am thinking clearer than ever before. When I go to bed at night I fall asleep within minutes. And my weight is just melting off.
— M.T.

From June to when the snow hit the ground I would be itchy, watery, runny nose, and sneezing-just miserable. I loved being outside in the summer but couldn’t stand it due to allergies so I spent a lot of time indoors. I would take a 24 hrs allergy pill and still be miserable. After working with Nichi at My Healthy Beginning my allergies are completely gone 95% of the time. If they do flair up they are easily managed with whole food supplements! I can now go hiking, camping, gardening and actually enjoy being outdoors!
— S.M.

Becoming a mom is overwhelming at times and honestly I am not sure how I would have made it this far without Nichi and My Healthy Beginning. Over the last 18 months we have moved through so many common and not so common spaces with my little man. Everything from nursing issues, tongue and lip ties, cradle cap, upset tummies, baby eczema, diaper rash, first tummy bug, teething, ear aches, starting food, food sensitivities… all the things… Nichi has been amazing. We have been able to pinpoint and support his tiny body and move through these things sometimes within days. My friends ask me what my secret is and why my son is so alert, healthy, and happy. It’s simple. We use Nichi and Muscle Testing to let his body tell us what he needs or doesn’t need.
— S.M.

Muscle Testing is not always quick or easy, it’s not going to be an instant 10 pound weight loss in two weeks like some programs promise. I am still working on my overall weight, but working with Nichi and Muscle Testing I have been able to lose weight, remove allergies, get outside more, sleep more deeply, increase my energy, learn about my body and real food, regulate my cycle and go off birth control, have an out-of-this-world pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery experience, and have a healthy, happy child who is thriving all because I took a chance one day to donate a box of diapers during a diaper drive they held. Love Muscle Testing at My Healthy Beginning.
— S.M.