Nichole Hirsch Kuechle brings a high level of excitement, insight, and compelling interest to her family wellness and nutrition workshops. Whether the audience is a moms group, holistic health conference, corporate training, or global webcast, attendees will walk away feeling energized, with clear action steps toward creating a life they love.

Nichole is a dynamic speaker on muscle testing, nutrition, and natural health and lifestyle. She draws from personal experiences and 25 years of coaching. Expect stories, jokes, and examples that help your audience feel connected and understood. Read her full bio here.

Speaking Topics

Here are some examples of sessions Nichole has led. If you have something specific in mind, let us know.

  • Preconception and Fertility Optimization
  • How to Build Your Holistic Health Care Village
  • Take Responsibility for Your Own Health
  • What Should be in Your At-Home Health Care Toolkit
  • Whole Foods for a Healthy Child
  • Secrets to Success When Working With Pediatrics
  • How to Move Stubborn Weight
  • Smart Medicine for a Healthy Child
  • 4 Ways to Avoid a Blood Sugar Crash and Have a Ton of Energy!
  • Easy Steps to Gluten-Free Eating

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