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Powerful, Inspiring and Community Creating….

Nichole Hirsch Kuechle brings a high level of excitement, insight and compelling interest to her Family Wellness and Nutrition workshops. Whether they be corporate or a moms group, she teaches in easy to digest snippets on how to integrate healthy living. Nichole is an energetic speaker on family wellness and nutrition, as well as natural health and overall lifestyle management...

Through her powerful presentations, she draws from personal experiences and 15 years of coaching to share with her audience simple steps you must take to have the life you want.

Are you looking for a great benefit to offer your staff, networking group or other organization?Child and Baby Health Speaker

Offer a Lunch ‘n’ Learn workshop!

Making it simple and fun for your organization, these workshops are:

  • 45 minutes to an hour in length
  • On-site at your location
  • Attendees can bring a bag lunch or you cater in
  • Interactive

There are simple steps the average person can take every day to optimize wellness. Imagine how much more productive and alert your staff or group would be if they all had the necessary tools to manage healthy living!

If your group is primarily of women or mothers looking to increase their energy and productivity while living life on a budget, there are several workshops they would love.

If your group is primarily that of employees looking to learn more about how they can take responsibility for their own health if given the tools, then you would love the workshops I can tailor for you.

Choose one of the following workshops. Each one can be condensed to a 45-minute workshop or given as a full 2-hour workshop.

We are able to tailor a workshop to fit the needs of your organization or event!



  • Get Natural Pain Management
  • Whole Foods for a Healthy Child
  • 3 Secrets to Eliminating Your Acne
  • Your Best Postpartum Recovery Plan
  • Benefits Of Hiring A Birth Doula
  • Smart Medicine for a Healthy Child

You can get more details about each of these workshops below.


  • Libraries
  • Moms groups
  • Corporate Venues
  • Associations
  • Public Events
  • Non-Profits (special rates available)
  • Networking Groups

For more information, fees and to book Nichole Hirsch Kuechle to speak at your next event,  email Elaine Peet, Elaine{at}

What People are Saying

“Believe me, my husband is a complete naysayer in how food affects our family. I took your advice of the Trail Mix Cookie Jar on the counter and he is no longer crabby at dinner time because he grabs a little bite when he comes home. I never knew implementing something so small could make such a difference!”-Caring Bridge employee

“Your advice about how to manage my eating throughout the day has me realizing a)it’s not as difficult as it seems, b)I actually feel better eating this way and c)I have way more energy at the end of the day. I didn’t know what advice to take and was surprised that these 4 steps could shift things so dramatically.”-McKnight Foundation employee

“When it came to choosing a speaker to introduce my clients to the importance of real nutrition,it had to be Nichi.  Her ability to connect and relate combined with her knowledge and background make her a dynamic speaker”-Dana P. N.


More Details on Each Workshop

4 Steps to a Healthy Diet the Whole Family Will Love

  • How to get kids involved
  • Foods everyone will love
  • When and what to eat

7 Habits of Highly Productive and Energetic Moms

  • Why productivity isn’t just for the corporate world
  • What to eat and when
  • Where and how to “buy” yourself time
  • Tips on how to boost energy


5 Easy Steps to Gluten Free Eating

  • How to shop for gluten free foods
  • Meal planning for gluten free eating
  • How to manage social situations and holidays

The Fast & Easy Way to Self-Care with Simple Wellness Steps

  • The difference between food and supplements
  • My top 4 alternative care recommendations
  • What to fill your medicine chest with

4 Ways to Avoid a Blood Sugar Crash & Have a Ton of Energy!

  • The quickest way to get started
  • What to eat and when to eat it
  • Tips on how to maintain this rhythm

For more information, fees, and to book your workshop, email Elaine Peet at Elaine{at}