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Claim Your Health

At My Healthy Beginning, we use technology called muscle testing to analyze your body and uncover the underlying causes of your health challenges. With this knowledge, personalized coaching, and lifestyle changes, you can transform your life.


We discuss your health history, struggles, and goals.

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We assess your body's needs through non-invasive testing.

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We build a customized plan and come alongside you as YOU change your life.

Twin Cities Natural Health Practitioners

My Healthy Beginning provides a community of support and unmatched tools and resources to support your healing. Nichole Hirsch Kuechle and her team have been assisting Minneapolis area families with natural health and wellness services for more than 20 years. Nichole is one of only a handful of Clinical Mastery level nutrition response practitioners in Minnesota (only about 1,000 in the country).

We Help People With

Pure Distilled Water

Why Drink Distilled Water?

I had been drinking reverse osmosis water for over 12 years, and I was certain it was the right thing for my family. My recent experience with distilled water, however, has now given me a change of perspective on the topic.

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Toxic Cleaning Supplies

How Did We Get So Toxic?

The goal of a detox and of our work in Nutrition Response Testing is to reduce our individual toxic load. We have to reduce both the exogenous and endogenous toxins to do so.

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Say "no more" to prescriptions, procedures, and providers who don't understand.
Say "no more" to prescriptions, procedures, and providers who don't understand.
At-Home Health Care Manual

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Grab our FREE At-Home Health Care Manual — chock full of my go-to holistic home remedies and resources.