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Claim Your Health

Claim Your Health

At My Healthy Beginning, we use technology called muscle testing to analyze your body and uncover the underlying causes of your health challenges. With this knowledge, personalized coaching, and lifestyle changes, you can transform your life.


We discuss your health history, struggles, and goals.

Initial Consult

We assess your body's needs through non-invasive testing.

Moon and Star

your program

We build a customized plan and come alongside you as YOU change your life.

Twin Cities Natural Health Practitioner

My Healthy Beginning provides a community of support and unmatched tools and resources to support your healing. Nichi has been using muscle testing as a tool to uncover and overcome health challenges for 25 years in the physical, nutritional, and emotional well-being realm. She teaches muscle testing across the country, including her own approach The Method of Intentional Inquiry.

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TriVibrance Protective Pendant Necklace TriVibrance™ Protective Pendant Necklaces provide mind, body, and spirit protection from electronic pollution (radiation from 5G networks, air travel, etc) and/or

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Say "no more" to prescriptions, procedures, and providers who don't understand.
Say "no more" to prescriptions, procedures, and providers who don't understand.
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Grab our FREE At-Home Health Care Manual — chock full of my go-to holistic home remedies and resources.