Advanced Muscle Testing Workshop

A structure for growth and impact with lasting solutions

with Nichole Hirsch Kuechle, brought to you by My Healthy Beginning

April 17 – May 29, 2024 | Online

Heartspace Muscle Testing

A structure for growth and impact with lasting solutions

January 27 – 28, 2023 | Minneapolis

find root cause solutions while using your knowledge and intuition to inspire, empower, and educate.

How frustrating is it when muscle testing a client and you can’t figure out where to begin? Imagine knowing exactly which stressor is the place to start and exactly what solution and dosage they can handle.

The Advanced Muscle Testing Workshop, using the Method of Intentional Inquiry, will share with you an empowering way to know what your clients are dealing with, their main pain points, and how to access previously uncovered blocks to their health.

Moon and Star

Do you struggle with knowing how to put your intuition to use when working on a client case?

Intentional Inquiry: The Missing Link in Your Muscle Testing Toolkit

After 23 years of muscle testing, I realized something had to change when nothing was working to support the emotional well-being of my clients. The stress was killing me.

I was overwhelmed and over the hustle. I had previously taught a one-day muscle testing training and used a system that had a great framework, and yet lacked an empowering way to guide my clients into the next best version of themselves. It wasn’t until I truly began to value myself as a healer, mentor, and teacher that I could see what I was stepping in to was bigger than using it for my own practice.

It quickly became obvious to me that it was time to listen to my intuition and stop being shy about what I needed to teach.

It’s about creating a bigger impact, supporting each other as healers, and serving our clients on a deeper level. This is about leaning in, listening, and ASKING the right questions with your muscle testing.

Fellow practitioners, it’s time to release your resistance to using your intuition and step into a new framework: The Method of Intentional Inquiry.

As a practitioner trained to use the Method of Intentional Inquiry, you’ll support clients in getting on top of their emotional and energetic well-being. You’ll see through tough client cases and know when to refer them on. By allowing the truth of who you are as a practitioner to shine through, your clients will connect more deeply with you. Your relationships will be built on trust and understanding, and you’ll no longer carry the burden of, “Making sure they get well.”

Using your intuition with Heartspace Muscle Testing
Attendees at a Heartspace Muscle Testing workshop

With Advanced Muscle Testing Training, you will:

What You'LL LearN:

Nichi With Workshop Attendees

Advanced Muscle Testing Workshop

Upcoming dates will be announced soon

Minneapolis, MN

October 14 and 15, 2023
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Check-in begins at 8:30 on Saturday morning.

2909 S Wayzata Blvd
Minneapolis, MN
Travel and accommodations information will be sent via email

What’s Included
Two days of small group training
Catered lunch and snacks
Method of Intentional Inquiry Guide

Total value: $1197
Early bird: $807
After 9/1: $915

Lawrenceville, NJ

November 18 and November 19, 2023
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Check-in begins at 8:30 on Saturday morning.

Princeton Integrative Health
134 Franklin Corner Road, Suite 106
Lawrenceville, NJ
Travel and accommodations information will be sent via email

What’s Included
Two days of small group setting
Catered lunch and snacks
Method of Intentional Inquiry Guide

Total value: $1197
Early bird: $807
After 10/12: $915

Online Course
Six weeks of live calls, Wednesdays at 7 p.m. CT

4/17/24 — Kickoff call, self testing basics
4/24/24 — Finding the problem/solutions/drainage/dosing
5/1/24 — Break (no call)
5/8/24 — Emotional & energetic
5/15/24 — Addressing emotional toxicity
5/22/24 — Remote testing
5/29/24 — Drills & bonus content

What’s Included
Lifetime access to the course & provided resources
Method of Intentional Inquiry Guide
Weekly check-in call with your instructor: Nichi Hirsch Kuechle



The course will go live on the day of the Kick Off Call. The modules will then be released each week to follow along with the scheduled call dates. By following this structure, you will have support to walk you through each module!

We will hold a Zoom Call each week, as a time for an open Q&A with your instructor.

There are a few activities, quizzes, and drills built in to support your learning.

Once all of the modules are released, you will have lifetime access to the course!

The course will go “live” on a specified scheduled date. Once access begins, you will have lifetime access to the course.

This Live Course is designed to be completed in 6 weeks. You’re more than welcome to take as much time as you need to complete the course, but Q&A will be available each week according to the open modules.

*Contact us for information on group discounts for two or more practitioners.

Interested in Muscle Testing? 

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Nichole Hirsch Kuechle


Heartspace Muscle Testing Instructor, Holistic Practitioner, Clinical Master of Nutrition Response Testing, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Advanced MBSR (Mind Body Spirit Release) Practitioner, Author

Nichole is a holistic practitioner serving clients both locally and internationally. A heart-centered practitioner, she spent nearly 20 years coaching women through labor and delivery, working with their bodies to unfold and unwind, to dig deep to find their own personal power and healing. Known for building quick rapport with moms and their children, and for coaching colleagues through tough cases; she’s often a practitioner’s practitioner.

Nichi has been using muscle testing as a tool to uncover and overcome health challenges for 25 years in the physical, nutritional, and emotional well-being realm. Prior to birthing her methodology into the world, she became a Clinical Master of Nutrition Response Testing. Read Nichi’s full bio.

What People are saying

“The demos were fantastic and helped all the new info come together. Meeting other practitioners was also incredibly valuable.” — Alissa Brinkman

“It’s refreshing and validating to know I’m not crazy when I allow my intuition to help me as I work. This is necessary training for all practitioners.” — Jeff Evenson

“The thing that was most valuable to me was learning to ask the right questions and trust the response the body gives you.” — Kay Wiedenbeck

“I started working with Nichi as a client in early 2020 and decided to shift my side hustle focus from fitness to nutrition. Later that year I started formally training to make this transition. I shadowed Nichi in her practice, attended a couple of seminars she taught on muscle testing, then had a soft opening of my business in January 2022.

Nichi is a deep well of knowledge for alternative healing options. She offers little nuggets that I can use in my home or practice EVERY SINGLE TIME I see her. Being a budding practitioner, I grab every tip and trick from muscle testing to practice management — literally anything that could make or break a business. I love what she has to offer and how she has supported the growth of my practice.” — Mary Haberman

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