About My Healthy Beginning

You Deserve Optimal Health. We Can Help You Get It.

Our mission at My Healthy Beginning is to crack the difficult and complex health issues affecting your life. We handle the four main causes of illness and disease — physical, chemical, nutritional, and emotional.

As our healthcare system crumbles, you and your loved ones continue to suffer from symptoms caused by toxins (chemical, metal, radioactive elements, emotions), food intolerances, and pathogens (virus, parasite, fungus, bacteria). Mold, Lyme, and parasites have become chronic in our over-stressed and under-supported microbiomes.

You don’t need to live with issues such as brain fog, fatigue, skin irritations, weight gain, gas/bloating, anxiety/depression, allergies, and asthma. We have a way to begin unraveling the knot of your health by getting to the multiple root causes of why you feel the way you do.

Natural Health care and whole-person healing

My Healthy Beginning was founded by Nichole Hirsch Kuechle, a holistic health practitioner who has been serving families in the Twin Cities and beyond for two decades. We leverage various forms of muscle testing, including Muscle Testing, emotional healing, and mindset work to help people feel good in their bodies. We educate on a series of wellness principles and empower clients to optimize their own well-being. As holistic practitioners, we do what we do without surgery or medications, walking the path of healing and recovery with you.

Our Vision

We are here to interrupt the storm;
show our souls and bring calm.
We send flares of support;
causing matter to catch fire.
We are fierce, yet have mercy.
We give love.
We are brave and of great necessity.
We show up fully lit,
we bring hope and healing;
Lighting up those called to us.

Get the support you need to achieve the health you deserve.
Get the support you need to achieve the health you deserve.