Full Moon Challenge

***DISCLAIMER: This post contains a sensitive photo AT THE VERY END. I’ll give you lots of warning before I show it.*** My journey with parasites began about 7 years ago when I first began my Nutrition Response Testing program. I didn’t know that they could have been to blame for my ongoing cystic acne, my Read More

Heart Health, Naturally

Cardiovascular disease accounts for 1 out of every 3 deaths in the United States. It takes more lives than cancer. Every 40 seconds, an American will have a heart attack. Heart attacks ($12.1 billion) and Coronary Heart Disease ($9.0 billion) were 2 of the 10 most expensive conditions treated in US hospitals in 2013. (source Read More

My Baby Didn’t Sleep For 46 Months, Finally I Found the Answer

        When I was pregnant with our son, I was so excited to meet and learn about this little human and who he was to become. Granted, I didn’t know the sex of our baby, but what I did know is that he had two older sisters who were great sleepers.  I Read More

Chocolate peppermint pretzels

Don’t these look delish?  Pretzels.  Chocolate.  Peppermint.  Yes, please. Grab a bite of these Chocolate coated peppermint pretzels (gluten free!) and you’ll keep coming back for more. When asked last week in the office during a Nutrition Response Testing follow up visit if I knew of any gluten free Christmas goodies, I pulled this one Read More

How to heal acne scarred skin

  Never did I ever think I would be the recipient of compliments regarding how nice my skin is. Never did I ever think I would get to share about how to heal acne scarred skin. Like…NEVER. I’ve always had acne.   What’s different now is that I know my triggers.  I just figured I was Read More

How much sugar is in your kids diet?

      I got re-presenced this weekend to how much sugar is in the average kids diet.  Have you ever wondered how much sugar is in your kids diet? We spent the weekend at two community events meeting with families, answering questions about their health, and playing Plinko for fun prizes and coupons.  The Read More

A behind the scenes look

        Who doesn’t love a behind the scenes look?  In the above meeting we were connecting with our friend Ann Marie Grocholski, an incredible Twin Cities photographer.  This is a snapshot of what we call one of our Cool Contacts meetings (and I’ll leave the rest to secret, shhhhh!!!) . It took Read More

Why would I try Nutrition Response Testing

      When our girls were babies we took them to a chiropractor who did muscle testing.  He had a handful of vials on a shelf, though nothing very extensive. He was able to quickly test each of them with their various ails (namely rashes and fevers at the time) and tell me that Read More

Muscle Testing

Imagine for a second that your baby screams inconsolably for hours on end, and after 1-3 visits using muscle testing, that baby is now more calm and at peace due to gently moving his/her toxicity to chlorine out of the body. Or the intense low back pain that keeps you from picking up your littles Read More

How to Make a Smoothie

    Our family gets more and more active every year with the kids growing up and entering into new activities and commitments.  Real food is the fuel at our house, and teaching our girls how to make a smoothie was one of the first lessons I gave them in the kitchen. I learned early Read More


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