Feel empowered to navigate your family’s health.

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At-Home Health Care Manual

As a mama of three, I know it’s super stressful when your family is experiencing ups and downs and twists and turns in their health. I’ve put together a comprehensive manual of resources that have supported my family through our various health challenges.

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At-Home Health Care Manual

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“As a busy wife and momma of four kiddos, health and wellness is at the forefront of my mission in today’s world. Our family has navigated numerous health challenges and wholeheartedly believes in a holistic approach for both healing and wellness. However, this approach is often one of arduous self-discovery and hours of research on my part! So, I am THRILLED when I can ride the coattails of experts like Nichi at MHB and get much needed help with my mission! It is amazing to be in a village that offers quick references (that are tried-and-true holistic approaches) that save time in the journey of caring for my family and myself!”

— S. Martin

“As a person who did not grow up using natural remedies, it was initially stressful learning how to use them, especially as a new mother. Nichi is a wealth of information and her “At-Home Manual” is an empowering and easy-to-read resource that will help you create your wellness team, stock your home with health tools, and feel confident in using natural remedies to support your family’s health. I also love the substitution ideas in this manual! They get your mind to shift from the traditional pharmaceutical products people typically use to safe and effective natural remedies. Thank you Nichi!”

— L. Kauppi

Meet Nichi

I have served families with a multi-faceted holistic approach for more than two decades. For 20 years, I gave my heart as a birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator with a side hustle in nutrition coaching and bodywork.

After struggling for years to overcome my own health challenges as well as those of my growing family, I became a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner in 2011. Nutrition Response Testing has transformed my health in a way no other modality or process was able to. I am able to tune in and uncover what my body needs, and I LOVE empowering women to do the same. 

I am a Clinical Master in Advanced Nutrition Response Testing — one of approximately 1,000 in the nation to hold this title. I serve clients in the Minneapolis area and virtually.

Nichole Hirsch Kuechle

Ready to feel empowered to navigate your family's health?

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