Could It Be Parasites?

Does this sound like you?

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s possible that you are dealing with parasites.

A Simple, Natural Solution to Get the Bugs Under Control

We all have parasites, but not everyone’s body is in the right health to handle them properly. 

The good news is you don’t have to be sentenced to a lifetime of illness and discomfort. You don’t have to remain frustrated in your health not turning around. Your body is designed to heal itself. It just needs the right support.

At My Healthy Beginning, we figure out the core root of your health concern and then create a CUSTOM program that gives your body the natural support it needs to handle these critters and the toxins that feed them. Find out more with a free, no-pressure phone conversation.

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You deserve optimal health. And we can help you get it.

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Jumpstart Your Parasite Cleanse

If you’re eager to get started and experience the results, we’ve got a great option. Get personalized visits with a practitioner, who will provide guidance and individualized dosing as you work to evict those pesky parasites.

Step 1: Increase energy and open drainage pathways
Step 2: Work into a Full Moon Challenge with your practitioner to begin clearing up the gut and killing bugs
Step 3: Step deeper into your Full Moon Challenge with drainage, increased mitochondrial function, radiation and chemical detox, and parasite killing
Step 4: Systemic support and metals detox

Comprehensive Support to reach your health goals

For those ready to commit fully to transforming their health and their life, we are honored to walk beside you. A designed clinical nutrition program will support your body as it detoxes and heals.

STep 1 >>

The initial visit will be held via secure web conference. We will walk through your intake and assessment forms. Your practitioner will ask questions about your current and past experiences from emotional, chemical, nutritional, and physical aspects.


Then we will begin the muscle testing. You may be familiar with in-person muscle testing, in which we use your arm as a reflex — however, muscle testing is energetic and can be easily done at a distance. 

Step 2 >>

The next step is the report of findings visit, where we use specific, time-tested and proven, highest possible quality nutritional formulas against those weak areas to find which ones bring the reflexes back to strength.


During this visit, we determine whether you are a nutritional case and whether we believe our work will support your health goals. If so, we will give you a specific program to follow in order to achieve maximum results.

Step 3 >>

Start your journey to optimal health with you custom designed program! Our programs typically start at six months, your visit frequency will be based on your individual needs as we peel back the layers of toxicity and address each.


We have many lines of nutritional supplementation and will develop a program for you based on what you need and test best for. We ONLY use high-quality ALL-NATURAL supplements that have gone through rigorous independent safety testing. And we test your body for what it needs. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all plans.


Muscle Testing is a non-invasive way of analyzing the body to determine the underlying and root causes of your health problems.

We use muscle testing to look at how well each organ, gland, or set of tissues is functioning. This is done by testing the body’s own neurological reflexes. As a virtual natural health center, we’re able to provide muscle testing over a Zoom call. Your practitioner will place their attention and intention on you and lock into your energy. Next, the practitioner will use a chart of the body to do the muscle testing analysis. They will use a self testing method (which can be demonstrated for you) using their own hands and fingers (this is called resonance testing) to do this assessment. 

This system of monitoring the body by testing the reflexes is proven to be extremely accurate clinically, which helps to identify exactly what your body needs.

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What's Included in Your Custom Program?

Your custom designed wellness program will include a combination of all-natural organic food-based Ayurvedic, herbal, and homeopathic supplements, some dietary changes (we’ll make this easy on you and many of the modifications will be temporary — you won’t need to give up your favorite foods forever), and depending on the results of your testing, possibly some other natural therapies.

By working their program, our clients report that they feel amazing, have regular non-painful bowel movements, most if not all of their symptoms have cleared, and they now understand and have support for getting through flares — because life will keep life-ing!

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We offer the support and guidance as YOU take control of your own health.

Want to try a parasite cleanse?

Grab our FREE Full Moon Survival Guide. Includes detailed guidance on how to do a Full Moon Challenge (including ordering supplements) plus tips for supporting your physical and emotional health during this time.
Say "no more" to prescriptions, procedures, and providers who don't understand.
Say "no more" to prescriptions, procedures, and providers who don't understand.