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Like every nutrition topic out there, the use of protein powders is highly debatable. From ingredient lists to where they are sourced and how the body uses them to whether we need them at all, just google the topic and you’ll get sucked right in.

The best way to share why I love using them is to share some of the results we’ve seen.  These are results I’ve seen in both our clients and in my own family members.

My favorite protein powders

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Powders-honestly these aren’t my favorite as I don’t love the taste, however, our clients love them, and many people love these in lieu of making their own bone broth. ($44.95 for 20 servings)

SP Complete by Standard Process-this comes in unflavored, chocolate, and vanilla. I personally prefer the flavors, though the unflavored one is great when mixed into a smoothie. ($65 for 30 servings)

Dynamic Paleo Protein-this one has a great flavor and blends well. It also comes in chocolate and vanilla. ($69.95 for 30 servings)

For the athlete in your family

A protein powder might be just the thing to round out an athlete’s diet. It’s perfect for a pre-workout or pre-game protein fix.  In the case of the Dynamic Paleo Protein, you also get a nice medium chain fatty acid boost.  Reminding your body to burn fat instead of its own lean muscle mass is a good idea and a quality protein powder can support your body in doing that.

For your busy, on-the-go lifestyle

I’m a huge proponent of eating real food, so when possible sit down to consume your meals.  Your digestive health depends upon you not wolfing your food down lest you welcome bloating and gas soon after. Many of us wear several hats: we are parents, we have full time jobs or are entrepreneurs, we volunteer, we care for extended family, and we are  on the go.  Though I don’t suggest using these as a meal replacement (unless you’re doing the Standard Process 21 Day Purification Program), I do find them handy to have when you’d be skipping breakfast or lunch because you don’t have time to make something or need something to tide you over.

The shake and go (with a blender bottle) aspect of protein powders makes them super versatile and easy to use. You could throw a blender bottle with powder into your bag or car if you’ll be out and about all day so you don’t get pulled into a drive thru or make poor food choices when you get home because you got too hungry.

For your pregnancy/postpartum recovery

A good protein powder can be really helpful in pregnancy.  You’ll hear some people say we shouldn’t drink our calories, though here’s my take: If you’re not going to eat because you’re too nauseous, full, or hot, a smoothie with fresh or frozen produce with some protein powder may mean the difference between your blood sugar crashing and/or feeling too tired to function.  Because it’s a liquid you can sip on it over time and slowly get the nutrients your body needs.

If we aren’t supposed to drink our calories, then why the heck are we supposed to throw back bone broth and consume lots of soups? Yes, they are incredibly healing, but with the right ingredients, so can be a smoothie with protein powder.

I don’t suggest consuming more than one of these per day in pregnancy.  Use them to make life a bit easier on yourself.

In my postpartum recovery (I’m 20 months post and still consider myself in recovery mode), they are an integral part of my daily regimen because my body composition always gets out of whack with breastfeeding after about 14 months. I’ll do just about anything to keep nursing as it’s something of huge benefit to both he and I, though I need my self care to be really great as I lose weight pretty quickly, and almost lose too much.   This additional protein boost with the added foods I include (greens, nut/seed butters, coconut oil, etc) is so helpful in adjusting my body composition back to a normal balance.

For your kids

My kids have always liked smoothies (and frankly just about anything I’m putting energy into making for myself) and protein powders. If you’ve got picky eaters, this is a good idea.  If they have a sensitivity to cold, just use room temperature water to mix their protein powder  so they can drink it right up.

Our 9 year old has a shake just about every day.  Our 20 month old has one daily, and our 13 year old will make one up, and shake it/drink it as she’s walking out the front door.  For my littles I prefer SP Complete, and my 13 year old prefers Dynamic Paleo Protein.

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