Monday Meal Planning


Here is another week of Monday Meal Planning.

This month has been so busy, I’d be miserable if it wasn’t for being organized and someone who is willing to plan ahead.  Articles are being written and going out the door faster than I can write them, for Grass Roots co-op in Anoka, Natural Fertility and Wellness, and Wise Mom magazine . Did my video interview for speaking on the Breastfeeding RevolutionDiscover the Secrets to the Art of Blissful Breastfeeding panel going on this month and did my audio interview for speaking on the Happy Parents and Kids Summit and am soooo glad I have a meal plan to follow this week or I would feel upside down in the water!

I do love blog hopping but I am also a real cookbook lover (which doesn’t even compete with my mother-in-law who has over 150 cookbooks!), so I enjoy sitting for a spell while paging through one or two cookbooks to find recipes I love, haven’t tried or wouldn’t have considered (for whatever reason) in the past. It’s then I have to remind myself there are only SEVEN days in a week, and I’m not cooking for an army, LOL.

Another thing I’m seeking resources for are yeast-free recipes as I will be leading a Candida Cleanse beginning in September and I want to set people up for success by having some resources and links for them to utilize in order to create quick and easy meals.  If you have ideas for me, I’d love to check them out!

Breakfasts-soon we’ll be back on the weekly school year breakfast routine (school starts 9/3 so I will share it then!)

This was a huge hit when I made it last week so I’ll do it again this week-it also works well for a midday snack or before bed, warmed with a little cream: Raspberry Breakfast Cake

Raw milk yogurt makes its weekly appearance here as everyone eats it with fresh or frozen berries and granola (which is also never ending around these parts.)

Scrambled eggs



This week my husband is the only one whose lunch I need to pack (amen!), so I will do daily Salad in a Jar-so easy and nutritious with a couple yummy snacks and will send him out the door with his usual mug of yogurt/granola/berries and he’s good to go!



These 4 ingredient cookies are awesome, and, I know they came from a friends post on Facebook but I don’t have the source-just to be clear.  They are super fast to make, sweet and easy to freeze.

3 Ripe bananas
1 cup quick oats
1/2 c choc chips
1 heaping spoonful of natural peanut butterDirections:
Mix well
Plop spoonfuls onto baking sheet

Bake at 350 for 15 mins
Cut veggies with this homemade ranch dip
These zucchini fritters are something I’m really looking forward to considering the ginormous zucchini I pulled out of the garden.  As a side story here, I planted my zucchini is last years successful potato garden style so they didn’t take up so much space in the garden itself.  Outside of the beautiful, tall, flowering tree that was growing with lots of blossoms, I wasn’t seeing any zucchini until I was over at the next tower picking a cucumber when I noticed a bit of dark green poking through the chicken wire.  As I reached to tap it I quickly noticed the dark green color went up and up and up and hidden beneath the vertical stems of this zucchini tree were the fruits of our labor-a vegetable that was as long as my arm and double the size in diameter.  So after roasting and freezing some, I shredded and froze the rest for fritters and baking and such…..and am now committed to checking that bountiful plant more often!
Swedish Cabbage Rolls-how come I have never done these before, very much looking forward to these.
BLT’s with tomatoes and lettuce from the garden and bacon from Pasture Adickes
What are you planning for dinner this week?



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