How to safely remove a tick


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You may be surprised to learn you’ve probably been removing ticks the wrong way like I was. I thought you just got a hold of their little bodies and gave them a yank, though that’s not the case.

Turns out applying force to the tick or putting rubbing alcohol on it first will only stress it out.  Ticks carry a variety of other pathogens, such as viruses, parasites, and bacteria. When they get stressed they vomit these pathogens directly into your bloodstream.


The best tool to remove a tick


Dr. Jay Davidson suggests tools such as the TickCheck Remover because they keep the tick intact which decreases the risk of more infection.  Instructions for how to properly remove a tick are in the above video and are included with the TickCheck Remover Tool itself.

The tool we use to remove ticks on our family and pets is the TickCheck Tick Remover. It is a 3-pack in that it comes with 3 of these small tools (for size-they are no longer than my finger) in various lengths and includes a tick identification card and where to send your tick if you’d like to have it checked.

In full disclosure I don’t have an affiliation with Amazon, and click on the photo below and it’ll take you to the tick remover I purchased, though you have several similar choices.


Ticks aren’t the only insect that can transmit Lyme Disease


I grew up learning that ticks were the only thing that caused Lyme Disease. I wasn’t completely surprised to learn that Lyme can also be transmitted by the following: mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, rodents, cats, dogs, horses, and wild mammals.

If you are living with symptoms of Lyme Disease, we can help. Book your appointment today.


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