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When our girls were babies we took them to a chiropractor who did muscle testing.  He had a handful of vials on a shelf, though nothing very extensive. He was able to quickly test each of them with their various ails (namely rashes and fevers at the time) and tell me that both weren’t tolerating gluten.

So, Why would I try Nutrition Response Testing?  Because though knowing gluten was a problem was helpful, there was so much missing.  Had I known the other underlaying causes to why the health of our girls wasn’t what I thought it should be, both of them would be in a totally different place with their health now at the ages of 15 and almost 11.

Don’t get me wrong, their health is exponentially better than most kids their age due to having them on my table for the past 6 years, and I’m so so so grateful for the start we did have, it was just missing a few parts.

With Nutrition Response Testing, we won’t just give you a food or list of foods to avoid, we’ll address whatever else is there as well.  For some it’s in the form of toxicity or immune challenges, and for some it’s the whole shootin’ match.

How are these issues addressed?

You will receive with us an individually designed clinical nutrition program based on your specific findings.  This will include food changes, lifestyle management, and supplements in the form of herbs, homeopathy, and whole food based protocols.  Over time your body will begin to heal from the inside out, so this is NOT a quick fix.  I’ve often had people say they’ve learned more from their Get Started Pack (your Initial Visit & Report of Findings) than they have in years with their provider.

You’ll have supervision and support over time and you’ll be in the know about your progress.

We have compiled a list of the top 25 reasons people have specifically sought out our care and thought we’d share it with you here.

Top 25 Reasons to Choose Nutrition Response Testing

These are in no special order, and there are over 25, though we did our best to compile them in to categories.


Skin issues: acne, eczema, hives, rashes, irritations, psoriasis

Weight issues: whether lost or gained, or in regards to performance on the mat/field/ice/trail

Autism,ADHD, ADD

Bowel issues: constipation or diarrhea/IBS, Crohn’s

Nerve pain

Gastrointestinal issues: gas, bloating, diverticulitis

Preventive health care and to make sure we’re as healthy as can be

Energy concerns: chronic fatigue, low energy

Disc compressions

Sinus congestion/running

Sleep issues: sleep apnea, waking frequently, waking not rested, can’t fall asleep, restless

Cancer diagnosis

Hot flashes

Hair loss

Low iron

Stress, stress, and more stress.

Heart health: A-fibrillation, palpitations, oxygen starvation

Headaches: big, small, short, tall, stabbing, aching, migraines, brief

Hormones: lack of menstruation, too much bleeding, acne, imbalances, low libido


Brain fog

Suspected food allergies/intolerances


Hearing issues: ringing in, plugging of ears

Pain: aches, stiffness, immobility

Respiratory concerns: chronic pneumonia, coughs that won’t quit, pleurisy, bronchitis

Seasonal allergies

Irritability/mood swings

Dry mouth/eyes

Reflux, heartburn

Spitting up/projectile vomiting in infants


If while reading through this list you found yourself saying, “that sounds just like me”,  and you’re ready to do something about it once and for all, grab a complimentary Next Step Session.


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