Interview with Homeopath & Herbalist, Sarah Damlo


This week I interviewed our family Homeopath, Sarah Damlo. It was World Homeopathy Awareness Week – to honor the birthday of Samuel Hahnemann  (April 10th 1755), the founder of homeopathy. Did you know homeopathy has been around for over 200 years!

I get a lot of questions about how and why our family uses homeopathy. In terms of what got us started with homeopathy, I was just curious and our newborn daughter had a rash, and the rest is history.

In the interview we covered the following questions:


How does homeopathy work (in layman’s terms)?

Why do most people seek out a Homeopath?

Would you use a Homeopath instead of a general practitioner?

Is homeopathy covered by insurance?

How do I find a Homeopath?

Can you use traditional medicine and homeopathy simultaneously?

How do homeopathic remedies support our emotional and spiritual state in conjunction with our physical?

Is homeopathy better for longterm proactive/preventive care or for acute care?


How homeopathy may benefit the health of your family.


Helpful links about homeopathy to share with you:

Americans for Homeopathy Choice – a consumer based group of parents and advocates to keep homeopathy available and accessible for all. 

Americans for Homeopathy Choice on Facebook

Free and Healthy Children International – awareness, education, and access to Homeoprophylaxis. They shared articles, testimonials, and research all week.

Free and Healthy Children International on Facebook

Magic Pills Movie – easy to watch for all levels of interest  and goes in to the use of homeopathy for outbreaks around the world and it’s popularity in the millions.

Also, many articles by Dr. Lisa Samet, this one in particular about homeopathy during the 1918 Influenza: CLICK HERE








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