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How and Why to Do a Coffee Enema

The idea may make you a little squeamish, but I promise getting into the habit of doing coffee enemas is worth it. A coffee enema is a great detox tool that many of my clients and I have used with great success. It’s inexpensive and can be done in the comfort of your own home. I’ve detailed it out here for you in hopes that it will quell some of your uncertainties and compel you to give it a go!

Why Try a Coffee Enema?

Enemas have been performed for thousands of years. The coffee enema may have been first used in modern Western nations as a pain reliever during World War I. In fact, the coffee enema procedure was, until the 1970s, considered them as standard health care treatment in the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy. Most recently, we’ve seen a growing popularity among proponents of holistic health as a tool to cope with digestive issues, candida, mold, parasites, and other toxicities that plague our modern society. A coffee enema:

  • Purges the bile from the liver and bile ducts to increase bile flow
  • Activates the vagus nerve
  • Increases glutathione
  • Decreases pain
  • Helps expel parasites and empty the colon by stimulating peristalsis (involuntary contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the digestive tract)


  • A coffee enema kit with either a clear glass pitcher or light colored silicone bag. You’ll want to see the quantity of coffee while doing the enema and a stainless steel bucket makes that difficult.
  • Organic, mold free coffee. I like Organo. If you’re uncertain about using coffee, you can start by doing a water enema (using filtered water).
  • A yoga mat, towels, pillows for comfort
  • Coconut oil
  • Squatty potty or small stool
  • Infrared heating pad (optional)

Preparing Your Enema

  1. Add 3 tablespoons of ground coffee to a ½ quart (.5 liter) of boiling water (either distilled or bottled).  Let the mixture boil for 3 minutes and then simmer for another 15 minutes. Or keep it simple and use the Organic King Coffee single serve packet from Organo and just add to a quart of hot water. If I’m using Organo coffee, I don’t have to filter it before pouring it into the enema bag or bucket.
  1. Filter the mixture with a sieve.
  1. Add cool water to the liquid portion to fill up to a total volume of 1 quart (1 liter). Make certain to allow your coffee enema solution to cool to just above room temperature so it’s not too hot.
  1. Hang the enema bag or bucket about 18 inches above the body.  Prepare yourself to instill the coffee solution into the rectum.
  1. Place some soft padding on the bathroom floor, cover it with a towel, put down a pillow, or  lay in the bathtub.

The Main Event

  1. Lie on your back and lift your pelvis up to allow gravity to work for you. You may then turn on either side if that helps you to hold the liquid in better. Some theories say that lying on the right side better helps deliver to the liver. The goal is to KEEP the coffee IN. Lube the tip with coconut oil prior to inserting and insert tube 4″. Be mindful of not forcing the tube into your colon — be gentle, move slowly.
  1. Open the clamp for about 5 seconds and then re-clamp. Take time to let gravity move the liquid into rectum and bowel. Repeat until as much liquid is in the bowel as can be tolerated.
  1. Hold the liquid inside the body for about 15 minutes, and then release the liquid into the toilet. Avoid pushing when on the toilet and massage your abdomen in the direction of the colon. Start at the inner right hip, massage up toward your sternum, over to the left, and down toward your inner left hip. Use a squatty potty or small stool to prop your feet on. This will help relax the tight muscle around the colon, allowing the colon to empty quickly and completely.

How Often Should I Do a Coffee Enema?

Coffee enemas can be done as much as several times a day for the severely ill person down to long-term maintenance levels for healthier individuals at one per month. Early on in your health issues, 2 – 3 times per week feels good for many people. Decreasing it to 1 – 2 times per week as you begin healing, and maintaining at 1 – 2 times per month is helpful. I find 1 – 2 times per month is where I’m at unless I am in a flare of some sort, in which case I increase to 1 time per week or more as needed. The increase in frequency is short term.

Don’t worry if you can’t hold the solution in for 15-20 minutes. Start slowly and make sure you’re releasing the water into your colon at a slow pace in the beginning. I could only hold it for a minute or two when I started and now 20 minutes is a breeze!

Know that as you begin to add product (see below) to your solution, there will be times where you can’t hold the solution as long, so be patient with yourself.

Additional Considerations

If you’re extremely constipated, do a water enema before your coffee enema to loosen up the bowels.

If the liquid is all absorbed and nothing comes out, the body is likely dehydrated and absorbed the liquid from the colon. Also, this is more likely if you do your coffee enema in the evening. I always have more activity when I do coffee enemas in the morning.

If you feel worse after the coffee enema, know that it is not the caffeine. This is a sign that your liver bile duct system is really clogged up. Try your coffee enema with half the amount of coffee or liquid, and continue with the enemas.

You can boost your coffee enema experience by laying on an infrared heating pad over your liver area (right side of abdomen).

If coffee makes you jittery, begin with just a warm water enema and work your way into the coffee. When I use Organo King coffee for my enemas, I began with just half a packet of the coffee and it took the jitters away. Now I can use a packet just fine with great results each time.

Boosting Effectiveness With Cellcore Supplements

In the beginning, I suggest just starting with coffee. Dr. Todd Watts (CEO and founder of Cellcore, and one of the best kinesiology testers) has tested and found the protocols below to be  effective for creating and adding solutions to your coffee enema water. These are all solutions I have tried with very good results. The supplements listed here are all from Cellcore — contact us to order.

The liver has 3 phases of detoxification. 

  • Phase 1 liver detox neutralizes a toxin
  • Phase 2 liver detox binds the toxins from phase 1
  • Phase 3 liver detox excretes and eliminates the processed toxins

When looking at the testing results for the coffee enemas, the results increase as we add more product to the solutions.

If adding additional solutions, make your coffee and pour into a quart sized mason jar, then stir in any combination of the following:

  • 1 Tbsp organic molasses
  • 1 – 10 drops CT Minerals (always start with just a drop or 3)
  • 1 – 10 drops HydrOxygen+ (always start with just a drop or 3)

There could be concern about the potential fungus from the molasses; however, this is nullified by adding HydrOxygen+, and it has no negative effect on bacteria, intestinal lining, or parasites.

Once you’re an experienced coffee enema participant, you can up the ante for your results by doing something called the 4-4-4: take 4 capsules of each KL Support, Advanced Tudca, and LymphActiv 30 minutes before the coffee enema.

Together they soften and increase the flow of bile and improve the coffee enema bile release.

Supplements After Your Coffee Enema

I take a binder (or 2) after I do a coffee enema to mop up any toxins I may have released and not expelled. Biotoxin Binder is the best all around binder to take; however, Viradchem, HM-ET Binder, or Carboxy are all great options as well, if you have them on hand.

Biotoxin Binder binds ammonia, candida, fungal toxins, and mold, and is great support for leaky gut.

As a post coffee enema protocol, you can take:

  • 2 capsules Biotoxin Binder
  • 2 capsules Inflamma Control
  • 1 capsule of Advanced Tudca

Coffee enemas are notorious for releasing parasites and toxins, but if you’d like to extend an additional eviction notice to your critters, here are some formula options to consider:

  • Take the 4-4-4 dosing before your coffee enema, then follow up with this parasite support afterwards:
    • Para 2: 2 – 8 capsules
    • Para 3: 10 drops – 5 full droppers
  • Another option for post coffee enema would be the Para 1 Challenge. Take 2 caps of Para 1 every hour for 3 – 5 hours, keeping them a minimum of 30 minutes away from binders).

If you’re ready to claim your health but you don’t know where to start, book a free discovery call. We can help you uncover what your body needs to go from toxic to thriving.

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Picture of Nichole Hirsch Kuechle

Nichole Hirsch Kuechle

Hi there, Nichi here! I am a Clinical Master in Advanced Nutrition Response Testing. Discovering natural healing methods for mind and body finally led me toward health restoration — and my calling in life. I have come alongside families in transforming their physical and mental health for more than 20 years and am honored to have their trust. Glad to have you join this community.
Picture of Nichole Hirsch Kuechle

Nichole Hirsch Kuechle

Hi there, Nichi here! I am a Clinical Master in Advanced Nutrition Response Testing. Discovering natural healing methods for mind and body finally led me toward health restoration — and my calling in life. I have come alongside families in transforming their physical and mental health for more than 20 years and am honored to have their trust. Glad to have you join this community.

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