Be the Light. Set Your Intention.


Never underestimate the power of connection and influence.

About five years ago while waiting for our daughters to finish dance class, a dear friend made a timely introduction for me to another mom. I quickly understood that this introduction was more like Divine Timing, for what I learned from her in short order was nothing short of pure wisdom. She was a seasoned mama and had clearly defined her boundaries for self care. One thing she does daily to create space for herself is to spend morning time in her Peace Chair.

At the time I was nursing Odin and not sleeping through the night (little did I know that would last just short of 4 years), running my business on no maternity leave, and streaming through on pure adrenaline. I had tried practicing meditation before, though the idea of a few minutes in a Peace Chair sealed the deal.

I’ve been connected with her on social media ever since and often see the view from her Peace Chair. Sometimes it’s her backyard, the porch, a lake view, her living room, a bonfire pit, or trees. Whatever the view, it’s always peaceful.  
I’m reminded in the Psych-K sessions I do with people how much we are seeking peace. Peace of mind is invaluable.  And it takes so little to get there.  For me, just my butt in a chair for a few minutes, alone with my thoughts and my breath. 

And you can do that, too.
We are responsible to stand in this revolution we are experiencing and RISE.
That’s not possible until you’re alone, for a minute, with your breath. And you will find Peace.
My request is for you to create a Peace Chair wherever you are in the world.


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