PSYCH-K Mindset Work

Free your mind from limiting beliefs.

Create time to drop straight into your heart space to create some clarity for yourself.

In that quiet space, ask yourself some questions, and just listen. The answers may allow you to hone in on what is important to you, for a lack of focus will create more fret, chaos, and worry in your mind and body. That imagination will take over, and we all know that when that happens, our thoughts have us living in a van down by the river within days. Don’t we want to live an extraordinary life instead? Don’t we want to create the exact life we want for ourselves, setting aside concern for what anyone else might think?

As practitioners and human beings, we believe in the power of mindset work. If our mindset is stuck, so is our health. If our subconscious beliefs are muddled, so is our clarity.

What this looks like is a child who gets easily stressed by math homework or by writing a brief paragraph or essay. It looks like an adult going to that place of self-destructive behavior (overeating, obsessing, controlling, avoiding) when faced with something to deal with. Maybe it’s the stress, anxiety, or depression that sets in around your birthday, a holiday, or when the seasons change. It could also be a pregnant woman feeling stuck and without choices.

These feelings and behaviors are symptoms. They are your mind’s way of covering up for something it fears. Dr. Bruce Lipton (cell biologist and co-founder of PSYCH-K®) says, “The subconscious mind is like a tape player. Until you change the tape, it will not change.” The subconscious mind is running your programing 95% of the time, yikes!

This is something you can get for yourself as well. You can create focus and clarity in your life, and find it easier to concentrate on what’s important to you by cleaning some of those cobwebs out of your mind.

WHat is PSYCH-K® Mindset Work?

Get the support you need to achieve the health you deserve.
Get the support you need to achieve the health you deserve.