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We offer FUN low-cost and free educational workshops designed to help you and your family live your best life.

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3/26 6:30 Secrets to Alleviating Skin Irritations Free
4/9 7:00 True Thyroid Health Free
4/11 6:30-7:45 West Metro Mama’s Group featuring speaker

Valerie Zumbusch, the Benefits of Thermography

 4/25 6:30 Spring Cleaning for your Body Free


Space is limited so call our workshop coordinator, Manna, right now to get registered 612-418-3801 (if it’s after hours just leave your name, phone number, and the name and date of the workshop you want to register for).

Upcoming Workshops that Haven’t Been Scheduled Yet

Allergies Be Gone

3 Secrets to Eliminating Your Acne

The Secrets to Managing Allergies Naturally

Get Natural Pain Management

Whole Foods for a Healthy Child

Smart Medicine for a Healthy Child

Your Best Postpartum Recovery Plan

Benefits Of Hiring A Birth Doula

Intro to Childbirth Education


Do you have thyroid issues?

You don't have to be sentenced to a lifetime of medication. Your body is designed to heal itself, it just needs the right support.

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