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Purification Program Day 21



Better late than never, folks!  The Purification Program Day 21 report is right at your fingertips.

It has been a blast tracking everyone’s progress here in the office.  We have pounds lost, inches wittled away, belt notches gone down, supplement needs gone down, supplement dosings are down, and everyone is feeling great. Be sure to get on our list if you’d like to join us in May for another round, preparing everyone for the summer season!

As a nursing mom the program I did was modified to allow meat to support my little guy and I.  I kept it out for the first couple of days then could tell I needed it so plugged it back in at once a day.  Some days I could tell I needed a bit more so I would add some in, though not in serving sizes like I would outside the purification program.

My program needs in terms of supplementation didn’t change a whole lot and my weight didn’t change at all, but what I did lose was over 1.5″ in my chest.  I could tell a difference between the 2nd & 3rd week on the program as I stepped out of the shower.  There was more definition and tone to my upper body, and for the record, I didn’t change a thing about my exercise routine while on the purification program.  If anything I was perhaps allowed myself a little more grace.

And for not “losing” inches or pounds around my waist/mid-line, I have 3 pairs of pants that are now fitting way more comfortable (and dare I say “loose”) than before the program.  I’m noticing my smile lines and dimples more easily on this side of it as well, and I just feel really good.  It’s given me a heads up that, even though I’m mostly a grain free girl, there are grain free starches I can tell I get too much of at times, so that was a nice eye opener for me.

I can’t wait to do the program again in May to prepare for summer as it’s so easy to implement.  There have been some takeaways I have noticed within our family, and that is our love of shakes is back.  They are easy, convenient, full of real food (and nothing BUT), loved by all of us, and give us a super quick though nourishing breakfast.  We’ve kept our larger family style breakfasts for the weekends, and it’s decreased my workload (there are times when you have more time than money or more money than time) as it’s been easier to use the shakes and make a batch of waffles only every 3rd week or so as we’re ALL consuming less starch in general.

For more details on how the Standard Process Purification Program worked for me, see the video below!

Movie on 2-1-17 at 9.26 AM from Nichole Kuechle on Vimeo.

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