How to Use Your Nutrition Coach

Knowing where to start when looking to increase your at home knowledge of nutrition and the choices you’re making is half the battle. There are many conflicting sources of data out there and honing in on what makes sense for you can be frustrating. 


The benefits of Nutrition Coaching include: 

-individualized sessions 

-sharing wins and goals

-accountability for exercise

-personalized meal planning and recipes


Maximize your health

understanding your genes and establishing healthy habits, what to limit/avoid, a bit about interval training, the impact of EMF’s


Toxin-Free Bodycare-

Skin, skincare tips, toxic ingredients to avoid, nourishing ingredients to include, natural body care recipes


Stress Management-

causes of stress, stages of stress, management of stress, recipes


Bone Health-

bone health & fractures, calcium & dairy, how to strengthen your bones what contributes to bone loss, recipes


Digestive Health-

Digestive Symptoms and disease, leaky gut, foods for good digestive health, recipes



Meal Planning-

where to start, helpful things to have in the kitchen, how to save time and money, converting recipes, shopping list staples


Grocery Shopping-

where/how to shop, reading labels, grocery store map, recipes


GF the Healthy Way

what is gf? How to shop gf, eating out, how to do pasta, recipes


Balancing Blood Sugar-

bringing balance, macronutrients, how often to eat, good snacks, recipes


Healthy Fats/Drinking Water-

what  healthy fats do for you, bad fats, the importance of hydration, water sources, alternatives, recipes


Cut the Sugar-

dangers of sugar, cravings, where to find sugars, best carbs to decrease sugar cravings, smoothie recipes


Breakfast with Protein-

benefits of, protein options, vegan/veg protein sources, recipes