How to enhance Nutrition Response Testing results




Recently I surveyed my Nutrition Response Testing practice members asking them what they’d like to  know more about.  A response many of them replied with was How to enhance Nutrition Response Testing results.  Ooh, I like this topic and will try not to carry on for pages here!

Something I notice in my practice is the notion that your supplement protocol is The Answer, it’s What Will Carry You Through, it’s the Cure All.  Actually?  It’s NOT.

I also notice that people want to feel better, think they are ready for change, then quickly want to know for how long will they have to eat this way (or that way)…that’s one of my favorites! You are in my office because something isn’t working about your health and either you or another smart person in your life directed you to Nutrition Response Testing for support.  SUPPORT.  Guidance.  Resources.  Information.  Education.  That is what you get with Nutrition Response Testing.  You will have to eat this way or that way for as long as you want to feel better.  It simply doesn’t work to eat a different way until you feel better then go back to your old ways.  In order to get where you haven’t been you’ve got to do what you’ve never done…and stick with it.  Trust me, life on the other side feels better, looks better and has way more energy than on your side of the fence.  It’s all worth it.

Your supplement protocol along with the dietary recommendations given will bring you to a new level of health.  How to enhance those results is entirely up to you, but here are a few pointers:

Take your supplements when and how you’re supposed to

pregnant woman taking prenatal vitamins, fish oil and supplements during pregnancy

With Nutrition Response Testing we are not following the suggested dosage on the box or bottle.  We are utilizing that smartypants nervous system of yours to tell us exactly what your body needs and how much of it with muscle testing.  It IS that smart.  It tells us what you needs and how much—and you were thinking all this time that your body was working against you.  Not the case, my friend.  It was communicating but the phone lines were a little muddled, so we’re getting in there to clean them up!

Whether you’re pregnant, have a broken leg or are missing a gallbladder, your body will communicate exactly what it needs for nutrients and will create its own designed clinical nutrition protocol based upon that.  Pretty incredible stuff, right?

Stick with recommended dietary changes

healthy eating

With this program, there is a method to the madness.  There is a reason I walk people through the dietary changes the way I do.  Ten years of health and nutrition coaching has taught me a few things about people, their lifestyles and their habits. It doesn’t always work when we go about dietary changes the way the client wants to.  I create the steps individually for that person and we take each step week by week-however, I make certain the client is on board with the step.  If the step is too much, we modify it so the client can embrace the change at hand and we go from there.

It takes about 9 months to take someone from the Standard American Diet to a more healthful way of eating.  By this timeframe, if the client is truly on board and making progress, he or she will better know how to handle any social functions, what to send their kids for lunch, how to manage after work gatherings and the monthly family dinner with grace and empowerment.

Stick with your program appointment schedule

the word appointment is written in black ink and circled on a white montly calendar page

Our bodies really like rhythm, which is why we have the appointment structure we do.  Instead of resisting the program, embrace it.  Remember, YOU’RE the one who brought yourself to us, YOU’RE the one who wants to get better.  Be the one to make the change.  When we resist it only causes the problem to persist.  Allow the appointments to bring structure to your calendar and work your life around it.  Make it a priority.  Your health and future self will thank you.

And, last but not least…

Celebrate your triumphs, no matter how big (or small)

Happy woman jumping with arms up - isolated over white

DO NOT FORGET to celebrate your momentum.  Celebrate your WHY.  Celebrate for the sake of celebration, celebrate you.  So often we inundate ourselves with all the things we’ve done and are doing wrong…all the reasons why we don’t deserve to be well and why we won’t get well.  I really encourage you to take a step back and look at where you’re making changes, where you were stopped and are no longer and pat yourself on the back for that progress.

Ask for acknowledgement for what you’ve achieved and accomplished from your loved ones. For who it took you to be such that you reached the goal you set out for yourself.


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