How to Boost Your Child’s Immune System


When you think of how to boost your child’s immune system, one or some of these may come to mind:  Airborne, echinacea, vitamin C, and garlic.  Years ago these would have been my go to.  Today the way I manage their health is a bit different.

The first thing we do is remove foods that are stressing out their systems.  For us the obvious is gluten, a second is sugar and coming in third is definitely dairy if they get too much (with the exception of the raw milk we get from the farm that I make yogurt out of)-I’m talking about the cheese sticks and hard cheese.  All three of us girls have to take dairy in moderation, though cheese tends to get the best of us.

The second thing we do is consistently support a healthy GI tract.

The third thing is ongoing maintenance with the proper foods, restful sleep, outdoor play and a little extra boost as needed.

What falls in to the As Needed category are circumstances such as these:  any life transition such as back to school, holiday eating, stressful sleep, times when they might be anxious, and when they are looking tired or rundown.  The supplement I use to give their immune system an extra boost is Congaplex.  There is a chewable for our youngest that has a mild berry flavor, though she will also easily eat/drink the capsule opened and spilled into juice or applesauce without a problem.

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