Heart Health, Naturally

Cardiovascular disease accounts for 1 out of every 3 deaths in the United States.

It takes more lives than cancer.

Every 40 seconds, an American will have a heart attack.

Heart attacks ($12.1 billion) and Coronary Heart Disease ($9.0 billion) were 2 of the 10 most expensive conditions treated in US hospitals in 2013. (source: AHA)

In everyday life we are presented with various stressors. And everyday our cardiovascular system will react to those stressors, whether it be chemically, emotionally, or nutritionally. 

Using a stethoscope, clinicians are only able to measure what they hear.  With the Heart Sound Recorder, wellness practitioners are able to see the sounds of the heart that are too subtle to hear, or are out of range. 
In our office we have this scanner, which is a wellness device that will track nutritional deficiencies in the heart, the most important organ in the body when we think of wellness.

Why do we monitor rate, rhythm, and tone?

We can monitor and observe the changes the stressors bring about. Whether we drink coffee, consume vitamins, eat sugar, or carry our cellphones in our pocket, these stressors will emit a change in frequency of the heart’s waveform. Once we’ve given you steps to improve your quality of life, the graphs allow us to compare the effectiveness of the changes you’ve made over time.

Based on upon the imbalance in the heart’s waveform, different supplementation would be suggested. We get your baseline recording, have the client chew the recommended whole food nutritional supplement,, and run a new scan 5 minutes later.

The recommendation will be to take the appropriate nutritional supplementation daily as we monitor the progress with a new heart scan every week that will show that the heart issues we deal with so commonly in our society are simply symptoms of nutritional deficiency and toxin overload.

14-Day Heart Revitalization Program

The Heart Revitalization Program includes:

Three visits within 2 weeks.

Two heart scans run at each visit.

Meal Plan suggestions and Food Log included.

Call today to schedule your Heart Sound Recorder or to register for our Heart Revitalization Program at 612-418-3801.


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