Fertility Interview with Nikki Vanecek

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Today I have Interviewed  Nikki Vanecek of TCM Wellness Clinic.  Nikki is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who supports women in achieving a healthy pregnancy.

The topic of the interview is Natural Fertility.  I really believe this is a huge topic, so below I will share a few of the questions I asked her to give you an idea of what you’ll find in the interview.

At what point are you seeing patients come to you in their pregnancy process?

If they have been diagnosed as infertile, do they see you as a last resort or are they seeking your support as a complementary therapy?

What are the health concerns these women have in common (outside of their goal of achieving pregnancy)?

What are some self care steps you recommend they take towards conception?

What is your recommended visit frequency throughout this process?

How long has it taken the average patient seeking pregnancy to conceive while under your care?

Do these women find it easier to get pregnant the second time once they’ve gone through working with you?


To listen to the interview, CLICK HERE.

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