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Detox Tips for Long Term Success


You guys, do I have a story for you.

Detox Tips for Long Term Success

Last Friday night I was to be keynote speaker to launch an intimate series called Well.BEing in partnership between My Healthy Beginning, Beauty Ecology, and Park Nicollet Integrative Medicine (Dr. Jennifer Klos).

We had a decent number of women purchase tickets and it looked to be a really great event.

My notes were reviewed, I am very comfortable with the content I was sharing, knew my outline well, and felt prepared.

Fannie was home from school that day with a cold, Odin was working through hand foot and mouth, learning it out from earlier in the week, and all was looking up.  I took a shower and threw on some cozies knowing full well I’d get coconut oil on my outfit for the evening and would change right before I left.

You’ll Never Guess What Happened At Dinner

I sat down to have dinner with the kids as Chad was finishing something up.  Odin was nibbling on pork chops (kudos to Pasture Adickes) and sweet potatoes.  I turned toward him, offering a bite of my food, and… Duhn-Duhn-Duhn!!!!!!  Right before my eyes his right arm from mid forearm to mid bicep had swelled up with such a clear end and beginning it was like someone had put a blood pressure cuff on his arm.  It was hot, red, and swollen with loads of little bumps.  Every other part of him was completely fine.

I panic as I was committed to speaking at 7pm, needed to be there by 6:40, and it was a few minutes after 6.  I live about 5 minutes (10 with getting in/out of the car, parking, etc) so I was fine on time WITHOUT this hiccup!

My gut told me to administer a dose of Apis homeopathic remedy, so I did that and sent a text to our homeopath of 13 years.  There’s no way I’m leaving this little man when it appears like he’s having some kind of allergic reaction,and yet it wasn’t an urgent enough feeling for me to bring him to the doctor, either, so there I was.  I shot a text to my friend Kassie, the host of the evening and owner of Beauty Ecology as I’m thinking I have to bring him with me (and how was that gonna work?)  Her response: “bring the baby”.

I had already invited Sunny to join me that evening as an opportunity to hang with the ladies and learn more about healthy living, which she loves, and now I had to enroll her in helping me with Odin so I could pull off this event.

It’s now 6:20, I’m supposed to be leaving in ten minutes.

The Breakdown of Getting out the Door

::I requested Chad take and change O’s diaper and put him in a short sleeve onesie and loose button down top so I could easily watch his arm during the event

::I received and sent several more texts to my homeopath who said I had done the right thing and to continue dosing him for 4 to 5 doses and see what happens.

::I made the dosing schedule in the event my 13 year old needed to do the dosing, which is old hat for her.

::I throw on a sweater, jeans, and a scarf.  Tonight, that’ll have to do….I’ve lost my opportunity for “looking good!”

::I throw together the diaper bag, emptying the contents of this one into whatever-I-thought-I-would-or-might-need-to-support-Odin-while-mom-makes-a-difference-for-women’s-health.

We jump in the car, and I make it by 6:50. The first face I see when I walked in the door is an old acquaintance and naturopath.  Turned out to be my saving grace.

And then I get real because at this point it’s the only thing I know to do and I need to connect with my audience.

Award -Winning, (ahem), Intro:

“Hi.  I’m Nichi, and I’m a hot mess this evening.  First and foremost, I’m a mom, and tonight that has to come first.  With me I have our 13 year old who is supporting me tonight by taking care of our 18 month old  who appears to be having an allergic reaction to something.  He did eat play dough for the first time today, so we’ve got that going for us.

My teeth aren’t brushed, I should be wearing another shirt under this sweater, and I’m pretty sure you can see my bra right through it so let’s focus on my scarf.”

And so the night went on, these women were gracious, Odin ended up with his first mini hair cut, Sunny was a rock star, and I was really glad when the night was over and I could curl up with my boy.

Having consulted with my homeopath now a few times since then we’ve determined that it was a strong remedy that pushed the virus he had last week out his body through the skin and likely wasn’t an allergic reaction at all.

Insight + Perspective= One (way more) calm mama.

Save this post if you aren’t able to listen now, or dive into the topic of our evening….Detox Tips for Long Term Success.



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