A behind the scenes look





Who doesn’t love a behind the scenes look?  In the above meeting we were connecting with our friend Ann Marie Grocholski, an incredible Twin Cities photographer.  This is a snapshot of what we call one of our Cool Contacts meetings (and I’ll leave the rest to secret, shhhhh!!!) . It took four mama brains to work this one out.



My not-so-little-anymore Fannie comes for her weekly Nutrition Response Testing visits.  When she’s waiting for Odin and the babysitter to get off the table, she quickly grabs Leon from mama Rachel (our amazing front desk support) and takes over as auntie. She’s a natural with the wee ones and just loves spending time with him.


This is what the back room (aka, Control Center) looks like when not set up for a yoga class, workshop, or birth consult.


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