6 Super Snacks for Kids


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We all want to raise super kids, right?

I was recently watching this video of Michael Pollan and was appalled at the process in which McDonald’s chooses the potatoes they use to make their french fries.  Now, McDonald’s is not a place we eat…in fact, fast food is something our family doesn’t do, but my concern is that not enough people will see this and realize the impact on not only their health but that of their children.

If we want super kids, we have to feed them super foods.  There are super food lists everywhere you look, and they are all different.  How are you supposed to know which is the one to follow and what to make with them?

On one list I found barramundi fish (what’s that?), mangosteen, turmeric tea and mustard greens.  They might be super but I don’t know many who will bother learning to pronounce these foods let alone feed them to their kids!

With foods like water, nuts, greens, flaxseed, sweet potato, blueberries, spinach, beans, red bell pepper, oats and (gasp!) dark chocolate, now we’re talkin’.



6 Super Snacks for Kids

Chocolate bark-buy an organic dark chocolate, melt in double boiler and spread across parchment paper in layer thick enough to break and bite without it being too fragile.  Chop pistachios, dried cherries and roast flaxseeds and sprinkle onto chocolate before it dries and set in freezer to firm up.  What a treat to find this in their lunch!

Hummus-buy a container or make your own.  Send to school or serve as snack with veggie sticks such as jicama, celery, carrots or red bell peppers.  I also like the taste of hummus with fresh apple or pear slices.

Greens & spinach-we’re talking the dark leafies here, folks, and that can be hard to feed any kid (especially when the parents aren’t eating them).  A great way to start serving spinach is in a berry smoothie like this.  Kids are surprised they can’t taste it at all, just make sure your blender really pulverizes the leaves into nothing or they won’t drink it due to texture.

Sweet potato-slice thinly and bake with a dash of cinnamon, serve with melted butter and a drizzle of real maple syrup.

Use organic oats to make healthy granola bars or re-heat a bowl of oatmeal from breakfast, stir in some raw honey and nut butter and you’ve got a filling and nourishing snack.

Blueberries-Dip blueberries in whole milk plain organic yogurt (or sweeten with a drop or two of liquid stevia). Drop onto parchment paper and freeze.  Eat frozen-what a fun summer treat!

What’s your favorite super snack for kids?





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