3 Tips to Stave off Sugar Cravings for the Holidays


3 Tips to Stave Off Sugar Cravings over the Holidays from Nichole Kuechle on Vimeo.


This may occur like the big people in Charlie Brown movies, “wah-wah-waaaah”, but I’m here to tell you if you can keep the idea of this post at the forefront of your mind for the next couple of weeks it will help to keep your programs on track. (I say programs for those of you on designed clinical nutrition programs with me at the office with Nutrition Response Testing). For those of you NOT on a program with me, you should be. Even if you’ve never taken a look at where nutritional deficiencies have taken your health (or lack thereof) these tips will be super helpful for you.

Like I said above, the 3 Tips to Stave off Sugar Cravings for the Holidays aren’t new ideas to most.  What is a new idea to most people is setting deliberate intentions around how you want to feel during the holidays. So much of this season is on autopilot.  It’s fast paced, we get little sleep, our energy is either driven way up or some of us even get a little down around this time.  It’s a tough couple weeks (or months) for some.

My goal is to lighten the load (literally) with these simple tips.

Tip #1: Eat a Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast does not mean Fiber One cereal with skim milk and a cup of coffee.  Perhaps somewhere along the way (marketing propaganda, ahem) you learned this was a series of good choices.  Nothing wrong with not knowing, knowledge is power, right?  You can  now change what you know.

A healthy breakfast should consist of a combination of healthy fats+ protein+colorful carbohydrates.

A good example of this are a couple of eggs with half avocado and sweet potatoes.  Cook in butter, coconut, or olive oil, and top with himalayan sea salt and you’re set to go.  Your brain will be so satiated you won’t want to eat again in 3 hours, but you will (see below!)

Tip #2: Eat a Snack Every 3 Hours

Eating an awesome breakfast as stated above will leave you feeling satisfied, likely for hours, however, if you are new to a nutrient dense diet you may feel hungry more often, in which case this tip will be helpful for you.

Even if you’re not hungry, I want you to grab a good hearty snack every 3 hours.  This will keep you from skipping meals and have your well being at the forefront of your mind.  When you get to lunch you won’t eat quite as much because you had a great breakfast and a little snack and you may not feel the need to eat lunch.  Do it anyway.

Follow that mid afternoon with another small snack, then feel free to have  a small bite of something before bed.

Good examples of snacks:

boiled egg


berries with yogurt

protein shake

green smoothie

turkey/beef sticks


Tip #3: Stay hydrated

Again, you’re rolling your eyes because you’ve heard this before.

Have you ever realized half the time you think you’re hungry you could actually benefit from a glass of water?  You are dehydrated and so thirsty!

Flavor your water with lemon or lime, cucumbers or strawberries, your favorite essential oil, whatever it is…just get in half your weight in ounces ( as a minimum!) daily and you’ll feel so much better.

You won’t have as many headaches, you won’t feel as groggy, your digestion will work more appropriately, you won’t be as irritable…all of these things will leave you feeling like your day sucks and there is no need.

Have more clarity, poop more easily, have lots of energy and be headache free with staying hydrated.

For every glass of coffee or soda you consume, you need DOUBLE the amount in water.  For every glass of soda you need 2 glasses of water.  I don’t now, seems like an obvious choice to me, though you get to choose.

Start your day with a glass of water before your feet hit the floor and your day will be better.  I guarantee it.


Use these 3 Tips to Stave Off Sugar Cravings



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