Our bodies need earth’s electromagnetic energy.

The earth has a natural electromagnetic field that is beneficial to our health. It’s like a cellular tune up for your body — like the way we need air, water, sleep, and nutrition. You can’t hide from EMF pollution — the obstacles are everywhere — every home, office buildings, and even outside areas. It all keeps our bodies from receiving this necessary electromagnetic energy. We are surrounded by plastics, synthetics, tar, and asphalt. These all block the earth’s magnetic field from providing its energy to us. That energy acts as an antioxidant (the good guys), which help to reverse free radicals (the bad guys — unstable molecules causing damage in the body).

You might be surprised to know you may be surrounding yourself with the high frequency electromagnetic fields, which are NOT in nature, by using the following items: cell phones, Garmins, Apple watches, Fitbits, computer routers, laptops, smart meters, wireless headphones, and bluetooth. Getting x-rays (think airports), using microwaves, and living within 5 miles of a cell phone tower also exposes you to these negative frequency fields.

Being exposed to too many high frequency electromagnetic fields can result in damage to our cells, leading to symptoms such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Aches and pain
  • Poor sleep
  • Headaches
  • Bad circulation
  • Muscle cramps and spasms

When left unsupported, these frequencies can lead to organ damage and eventually, disease.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields (the earth’s natural healing PEMFs) are the antidote to EMFs (man-made electromagnetic fields). Research shows that cells regularly exposed to PEMF largely ignore EMF signals. After one session with the PEMF mat or 10 minutes with the personal EMF neutralizer (both available at My Healthy Beginning), your body will resist the absorption of EMFs for FOUR HOURS.

Benefits of PEMF THERAPY

  • Single session $30
  • Package of 3 (10% off) $81
  • Package of 10 (15% off) $255
  • Package of 20 (20% off) $480

PEMF is a great complementary therapy to your Nutrition Response Testing program by helping to drive the nutrients you are receiving into the cells. To individualize your PEMF experience, we are able to determine the exact right frequency of treatment your body needs by muscle testing.

What to Expect

To stay hydrated, drink plenty of water before and after your session.

Your session will take place fully clothed while laying on a massage table in a quiet space. You’ll remove any electromagnetic producing devices from your body and turn them off (cell phone, Fitbit, magnetic jewelry, etc.).

Your session on the mat will last 20 – 30 minutes. Depending on your case, a small PEMF pad or ring may be applied locally to a specific area of pain or injury to enhance the therapy. You can choose noise-canceling disposable ear plugs or listen to the relaxing music in the therapy room. Enjoy your peaceful resting time. Some people feel a mild tingle or pulse, some people feel nothing. Most people do become relaxed.

What you notice after your session may vary. Some notice a decrease in pain, more energy, easier relaxation, better sleep, and some notice nothing. Others may notice an increase in pain that is temporary as your body works through the therapy. Please share your feedback with us so we can make adjustments in your therapy to speed up achieving your improvements. It is recommended that you receive PEMF therapy a minimum of one time per week for a minimum of 20 sessions for optimal results. If your case is severe, you may need two or more sessions per week.

Get the support you need to achieve the health you deserve.
Get the support you need to achieve the health you deserve.