Meet the Team

Michelle Larson, Certified Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Michelle is a Nutritional Response Testing Practitioner. Her passion for this work started long before  training to become a Practitioner.  Prior to this work, though active with a relatively healthy diet, she still found that something was missing. Her sister was on a program with us,  saw amazing results and experienced complete health shifts and she wanted in on that game! Michelle became a client and feels she saw more than 100% change in her health! She is extremely active with hobbies such as soccer, broomball, running, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and snowboarding. After going through the program, she felt a strong pull toward this work, as she wanted to aide others in their healing so they could feel as awesome as she now does! Michelle notes it has been the most gratifying experience, and she enjoys every moment with the clients and staff.

Note: Michelle has a love for testing four-leggeds for support as well.  Arf, arf. Meow.




Acupuncture, Kate Moksnes, MAcOM, Dipl. OM,  LAc. of Peak Life Clinic

Kate is an acupuncturist and herbalist certified by the Minnesota and Oregon Medical Board and the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is also certified by the National American Detox Association. Kate moved from Minnesota to Portland in 2008 to attend the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. After graduating she continued on to Nanjing China, working in the hospital system and studying at Nanjing University. Kate has a passion for nutrition, health care, and is excited to be part of bridging eastern and western medicine. She enjoys the outdoors, traveling, cooking, photography, and dance.

Craniosacral Therapist, Peg Timm

Peg Timm is a Craniosacral therapist specializing in a Myofascial Unwinding technique called Dynamic Body Balancing. Peg studied under Dr. Carol Phillips D.C.

Peg has worked in the field of wellness for over a decade. She has been support staff for several chiropractors. She has also worked public events raising awareness of how health can be achieved through non allopathic medicine.

She is proud of how her work has made a difference in peoples lives but instinctively knew there was a bigger part for her to play. The discovery of CST came to Peg’s attention through a book by John Upledger, set out from the lending library in the office where she gets adjusted.

Peg’s passion is to work in a modality where she listens to your body and supports you as you move forward in your journey towards wellness. CST provides that opportunity!

Peg is excited to see how her work in CST and Myofacial Unwinding can make a difference in your health!

The goal of CST and Myofascial Unwinding is to restore balance to the body.
“If we restore balance within the fascia, we’ll balance the muscles, which will realign the bones, and will free up the flow of nerves, blood and energy channels. It’s that simple”.
A quote taken by Peg’s teacher.