Meet the Team

Michelle Larson

Michelle Larson, Certified Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Michelle is a Nutritional Response Testing practitioner. Prior to this work, though active with a relatively healthy diet, she still felt something was missing. Her sister was on a program with us, saw amazing results, and experienced complete health shifts and she wanted in on that game! Michelle became a client and feels she saw more than 100% change in her health! She is extremely active with hobbies such as soccer, broomball, running, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and snowboarding.

After going through the program, she felt a strong pull toward this work, as she wanted to aid others in their healing so they could feel as awesome as she now does! To her this work is the most gratifying experience, and she enjoys every moment with clients and staff. Michelle loves to test four-leggeds for support as well. Arf, arf. Meow.

Manna Towler

Manna Towler, Professional Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Manna is a true Minnesota girl from a small farming community in the southern part of the state. She now resides in the Twin Cities with her husband, Nate and dog, Bella. With a long standing passion of caring for people, finding a home at My Healthy Beginning has launched her into a career she loves.

Her background in home health care, nursing homes, and special care facilities within the traditional American healthcare model was limiting. Upon discovering the holistic healthcare model, she began to relearn what it takes to build true health. She knew her desire to help people on their journey to wellness would have a much different path than she originally planned.

She is an Associate Nutrition Response Testing practitioner at the professional level of training. She is in solo practice as a birth/postpartum doula and PSYCH-K® facilitator.

Get the support you need to achieve the health you deserve.
Get the support you need to achieve the health you deserve.