IonCleanse Foot Bath

A simple way to relax and detox.

Our IonCleanse foot bath is a detoxification tool designed to reduce the toxic load we all take on from our environment. Reducing that load on the body allows us to gain maximum benefit from other modalities and provides additional support for our immune systems. The ionic charges in the water act as a magnet that free up toxins stored in the fat cells in the body.

The patented technology offers a thorough detox by creating negative and positive charged ions in the water that neutralize oppositely charged toxins. Most other systems only create negative ions. The IonCleanse foot bath is safe and non-invasive and studies have shown it works well alongside a nutritional component.

Benefits reported by foot bath users

  • Single session $30
  • Package of 3 (10% off) $81
  • Package of 10 (15% off) $255
  • Package of 20 (20% off) $480

The results may vary from body to body; some people have a parasympathetic reaction and become more relaxed, while others experience a sympathetic response and notice better overall function.

If you are a new client to us, you will complete a toxicity assessment form prior to your initial foot bath that includes an emotional and physical evaluation so you can track your progress. 10 – 12 sessions are recommended for maximum benefits. For best results, schedule 2 times per week for 6 weeks or to suit your schedule.

Why Does the Water Change Color?

The color of the water may change when you put your feet in the water as toxins become mobilized and are released into the foot bath. You may see varying shades of orange, green, or black depending on which of your meridians are releasing toxins (e.g., dark green = gall bladder meridian, black water = liver meridian). The meridians are based on EAV (acupuncture) energy channels in the body.

Additionally, some of the mobilized ions may remain in our bodies for up to 78 hours post-cleanse. During this time, the excretion organs that have detoxed may be more relaxed. The liver, kidney, colon, gallbladder, and skin may all work better and continue to excrete effectively after the cleanse is over.

Detox your pets too!

Dogs are also exposed to toxins such as pesticides and herbicides used in grass treatments. If you can get your dog to stand in the bath, it’s worth a try! They may stand or sit for 10 – 15 minutes, depending if they like water.

Reach an optimal state of health, not just a handling of symptoms.
Reach an optimal state of health, not just a handling of symptoms.