s Purify to feel clean, thin and smooth again! -

Purify to feel clean, thin and smooth again!


You’re about to see it EVERYWHERE.  Whole 30.  Liver Cleanse.  Colon Cleanse.  Juice Fast.  Bone Broth Fast.  You name it, it’ll be out there.

You guys, I have no attachment to what you do (or not) to kick off the New Year, we are here as a resource and support when you decide to do something to take your health to the next level.

Most people are ready to feel smoother skin, to lose the bloating and extra weight they are feeling around the middle, and to Just.Clean.Out.  We want you to purify to feel clean, thin, and smooth again!

What our Purification Program looks like:

We are bringing you the Standard Process Purification Program.  The Purification Program is a 21 day commitment that we are expanding into 4 weeks.  We are plugging in additional time to support you on this journey with 4 weeks of support.

Starting the week of January 9th, we will hold a class to set you up for success.  We will get your Toxicity survey, your chest/waist/hip measurements, and weight.  Your next three weeks will be scheduled at that visit.  Inside those three weeks you will get two quick checks in the office (with Nutrition Response Testing to see how your body is doing…you need not be a current Nutrition Response Testing client in order to do the Purification Program), a phone visit with Michele, and lastly, put the last class on your calendar.

We end the program with a class that answers the question of What Next? Have you ever noticed some people do the Whole30, then a few weeks later can’t figure out why they feel so awful again?  It’s not possible to go back to the way things were and expect different results!  We will be there to support and guide on the next best course of action.  What foods to reintroduce and when, recipes to try, what to expect, and how to best support your health.

Results of participants who were recently successful on this program:

:: one was able to go from 8 supplements per day with doses ranging from 2 to 5 each (per day) down to 7 supplements with doses ranging from 1 to 3 each per day!

:: another participant went from 13 supplements per day down to 2 supplements, she dropped 6 pounds, and lost 1 1/2″ from her waistline!

::a we had another one who cut her supplement intake IN HALF—she was on a program of 12 supplements and is now on only 6, AND the concerns of her emotional well being decreased by 75%!

This program gets results and we’re so excited to walk this path with you.

PP intro 12/26/16 from Nichole Kuechle on Vimeo.




For those of who are looking to detox by beginning to make better choices around what to put on your skin, Beautycounter is having a HUGE Winter Sale now though January 8th….hurry while supplies last, I know the kids shampoo is already SOLD OUT!  Our 13 year old is loving the mascara and lip gloss we bought her for Christmas.  It was so fun choosing a product that is safer for her than others.

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