My Healthy Beginning offers postpartum Doula services in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, and the west metro including Minnetonka, Long Lake, Orono, Plymouth, St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Golden Valley and Minnetrista.

What exactly is a Postpartum Doula?

mother's-careA Postpartum Doula is a woman who offers nonjudgemental support during the fourth trimester, which is the first three months of your postpartum experience.

She offers newborn care education, self care tips, nutrition know-how, organizational help. A postpartum doula may assist with sibling inclusion and overall family transition time support.

Postpartum Doulas have experience with a variety of newborn feeding styles and how to support mom in getting the best recovery possible from childbirth and we offer additional resources as needed for your new family.

What are the benefits of hiring a Postpartum Doula?

baby-feetYou can SLEEP! Sleep is integral to the success of new parenthood. Sure, as parents of singletons most of us go through the motions half awake, right? The parents of multiples or with a sick baby are severely sleep deprived and all other functions of life come to a halt until we can get people caught up and at least semi-rested. The mothers I have worked with who are struggling with Postpartum Depression find that 8 hours a night of good sleep makes all the difference in their recovery and ability to manage the day time hours without as much support.

You get to become or stay more organized. We know what it’s like to have a new baby in the house. The dog no longer gets walked, you can’t see the laundry room floor, you have no idea when you showered last and now own every kind of nipple cream and nursing pad that Target offers in finding the right one that works.

You have experienced support at your side to help you transition back into the workforce as we work on sleep and feeding patterns with you and baby.

You get on the spot coaching for the variety of concerns that come up during this time.
Families who work with postpartum doulas often feel more at ease and confident as they build their parenting skills.
Moms become empowered by the support around breastfeeding as we pull in any additional trusted resources as necessary to make this a success.

Does it matter what my due date is?


Yes and no. Your due date is important to know in terms of scheduling, however, babies come on their own time. Sometimes multiples spend some time in the NICU before coming home. We can easily work around your schedule to accommodate the support you need.

How does the process work?

I work with families within 25 miles of my home in the west metro.

Once I receive your contract we set up a 90 minute home visit. During this time we discuss your living situation, your pregnancy or postpartum status, dates and get into specifics around the support you are requesting.

You will be provided with a back up Postpartum Doula in the event of unforeseen circumstances on my part.

This visit is helpful as often I have tips and ideas to share based upon simply being in your space and visualizing it for set up with a newborn(s) or shifting things as needed if you’re already recovering from birth.

I request that you call me once your baby or multiples have arrived so we can make arrangements for the first shift you have requested.

mother-and-babyPostpartum Doula shifts are as follows:

  • 8 hour overnight blocks (between 8pm and 8am)
  • 5 hour daytime blocks (between 8am and 8pm)

For overnight shifts, light tidying, light laundry, kitchen clean up, food prep may be offered outside of newborn care including diapering, burping, feeding or breastfeeding support. Your Wi-Fi password is requested for use during downtime and an extra pillow and blanket for resting in between tasks.

What Experiences Have Your Recent Clients Had Working With You?

I don’t need it, I can and should be able to do it all on my own” This is what my thought about postpartum until reality hit that I would be dealing with twins AND a toddler and realized a few nights of sleep might be helpful. I sought the support of a Postpartum Doula.

After the first night of having Nichi I immediately called her back and bought the biggest package. It was so great having someone to talk to at all hours of the night! Someone who “understood”,who loved and was willing to hold my babies.

Nichi made me feel so normal and told me I was doing a great job! This was so nice and helpful to me. As I was tandem breast feeding the twins, I could literally sit in my bed and she would bring them to me to feed every two hours, then I could go right back to sleep as she would burp them, change their diapers and settle them back in.

When you are a new mom you need ALL the sleep you can get and having the right person there allows for that! It made me feel like a “different person” the nights Nichi was there because I woke up feeling rested! Even getting an extra HOUR of sleep was super helpful and beneficial to me and to the family! Nichi taught me I had to take care of ME to be able to take care of the babies.

She brought me FLUIDS and FOOD upstairs for every feeding, both very much needed for breastfeeding the babies. She offered great advice to me during those feeding sessions. It was so helpful to get her “coaching” and “insight” as to all that was going on in my life and know that I was doing a great job and learning what I could implement into our lives to do even better.

Nichi understands what moms need, inside and out. From her nutritional expertise to body work, she is a one woman show that can give you all you need!

She was not only our postpartum support, but became a family friend, not someone we just hired to help with the babies and to get some sleep. My 3 year old asks “where is Nichi?” on the nights she isn’t here! Our daughter instantly connected with this new person in our home and that made me feel great too. I honestly find myself counting the hours until the next visit and telling myself “I think I can….” until she shows up!

-Megan C.


I had PPD with the birth of both of my children. With the first one, I had no words for what I was experiencing. No class or reading had talked about it and so I did not even know of its existence until I was diagnosed 2 months into the birth of my daughter. Now, 7 years later, with the birth of my son, I was diagnosed 9 days after he was born and I decided I was not going to be ashamed or embarrassed. When I was initially diagnosed, I cried because I loved my son but I wanted nothing to do with him. All I wanted was my old life where I felt good and desired our old family patterns. I stayed in bed for Friday night and Saturday morning and then realized that I was the only one who could decide to get better and so I did. I did not want even the remote possibility of my son being in danger so I had to get a plan together.

I told all my immediate family so that we could set up a schedule where they would sit with my son and me. I called and scheduled appointments with my old psychologist from my previous episode and also got connected with a psychiatrist for medicine management. The doctor that diagnosed my PPD put me on antidepressants and I took them vigilantly. The problem was they took 2 weeks to kick in and so I had to measure my days by hours because I could only “get through one more hour” at a time. I knew I had 14 days to survive both the extreme mental and physical symptoms that my depression was exhibiting.

I searched the web for a post-partum doula Saturday afternoon and Nichi was at my house 8 hours later. She could hear the desperation in my voice and thank G-d she was able to come. Our family finances had to be reorganized to be able to pay for all the help I would need but people were understanding and all of the necessities were taken care of. When Nichi would come, I would say to her, “here is my baby” and hand him over. I knew it was not normal to not want to cuddle and be with him, but sleep made the next day easier.

I pushed myself to hold him and interact with him, but I had a hard time talking to him. In fact, I still struggle with that. I had to force myself when I wanted to sleep to just be in the moment with him, and even though it was some of the toughest days of my life, I am glad I did it, because now he knows his mommy and smiles when he hears my voice or sees me. The other hard part was having to tell my older daughter that “mommy was sick” and so I was not able to play with her the way I used to. I had to tell her first grade teacher and others in her life, because I was not sure how she would cope. I asked her to understand that I could be in her presence but probably would not be in the mood to talk. I held her. Brushed her hair. Read her stories. I even told her that I had been “sick” with her as well and that I got over it and if she could give me just a little time I would go back to being the mommy she knew in a little while. She was patient with me and allowed her grandparents to fill in for the active stuff that I could not do with her.

The best advice I have is to know it is not your fault, to surround yourself with anyone who will be truly helpful. Don’t feel guilty or bad and do what ever is necessary to get better. If it is meds, a doula like Nichi, family and friends help, whatever it is, ask for it because your recovery will go faster. Now today, 5.5 months later, I recognize myself again and I am settling into my new family patterns. I don’t regret having my son and have introduced Nichi to all my expecting friends. I talk to anyone who will listen to prepare themselves, because PPD can happen to anyone of any background, it does not care about race, class, education level or anything else.

-Michelle Kuhl

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