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How to Enter to Win

Refer a friend who purchases a Nutrition Response Testing initial visit and you will be entered to win!
The more friends you refer, the more chances you have to win.


How to Refer Your Friends

One way to invite your friends, family and co-workers to choose Nutrition Response Testing is by sending them
a personal email or private FB message. Below is a script you can use or personalize.

Hi Rachel,

Did you know there is a way to alleviate or even completely eliminate the struggles you are having with your health?

What would it be like to live without those headaches, stomach cramps, gas, bloating, allergies and itchy skin?

What would it be like to access the untapped potential your health has to offer you?

Being free of all those blocks will give you access to your full potential.
No more worrying about finding the nearest bathroom, leaving a business meeting because of the bright lights or missing out on Joey’s soccer game.

Imagine being able to handle all this with total freedom and ease.

There is a clinically proven, non-invasive technique called Nutrition Response Testing.
Nutrition Response Testing uses muscle testing, or kinesiology, to find what glands and organs are tired, stressed, or struggling in your body. The practitioner then finds out what is causing the stress to those areas of your body. Maybe it’s a food or an immune challenge, a metal or chemical, sometimes it’s even an old scar that needs to be managed.

From there the practitioner looks to see if you’re a candidate for a designed clinical nutrition program. If you’re a good fit, she creates a program that’s completely individual to you (versus going “dairy free” because it worked for me).

With lifestyle management tips and face to face accountability, it’s a proven method toward gaining back the health you so deserve.

Many people who have experienced Nutrition Response Testing report that:

  • they have a weight loss average of 20-25 pounds
  • brain fog goes away
  • no energy becomes a thing of the past
  • they are sleeping better than ever
  • trips to the bathroom become more balanced
  • joint stiffness, aches and pains subside
  • stress levels go down

This could be you!

It’s such a simple method, yet I learned more about my own body and health in the first two visits than I have in many years of doctors appointments. Because of this I have such a better handle on my health and I’ve never felt better.

You are ready for this. Be my partner in health!

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Yours truly,

Suzy Q


How we track your referrals

referralEach person who purchases a Nutrition Response Testing initial visit fills out an online intake form.
On that intake form we ask the question: Who Referred You?

When we see your name in that field we automatically add you your name to the drawing.
AND, you get an additional entry into the drawing for every referral who comes in that month!


Thank you for your referrals.
We look forward to helping your loved ones find an to access their health otherwise unrevealed.

Imagine a world where all of your loved ones feel as great as you!


“I just wanted to say thank you for opening my eyes to this way of life. I have really gotten into this since seeing you for NRT and did a blood test. The gluten came up as a severe intolerance-so thank you for discovering all of this. We are converting over time, making baby steps. My mom and dad are also changing the way they buy foods as well. My mom and aunt went to the co-op in Hastings, and my mom went to Trader Joe’s this week. They are also cutting back the amount of gluten they eat, too. I really appreciate all the insights you’ve provided. I follow you on Facebook and your blog now-great stuff!”

-Kristine Glancy


“We came to Nichi when Ryder was 5 weeks old. We had many nights of Ryder crying and crying for hours. He would bring his legs up and cry, arch his back, extend his neck. It broke my heart watching my breast fed baby in so much pain. I know breast is best, but I felt like I was doing something wrong, I almost gave up. We saw Nichi, cut out the foods that were hurting our bellies, started taking all natural supplements and with in days my baby was a new baby! Relaxed, calm, no screaming or throwing up. Pure miracle. This changed our life! I am so amazed! We eat clean now, and life is much much calmer! Ryder is now such an amazing baby!! Thank you!”

-Lindsey Johnston


“I have to share some great results with you- in the 3 months of eating this way, I lost 25 pounds! I am so excited! I am super happy. It’s amazing how easy it’s been. The first month was challenging and there were a lot of times I was tempted, but now I’m barely even interested in the other foods. I mean, a vendor gave me a box of artisan, gluten-free caramels in a clear plastic container last week and they have been sitting in my line of site since then. Not even an inkling to eat them, being that they are all filled with HFCS. This is a complete reversal of how I was previously – first off, I would have eaten them all myself and never offered anyone a bite. And second, if I wasn’t supposed to have them, I would have wanted them really badly. It’s amazing how getting off all those foods has eliminated my cravings! Also, I’m wrapping up reading Wheat Belly. Before I read it, I was proud to be gluten free but hoping that one day, someday, possibly maybe I would get to eat homemade bread and fluffy pancakes again. But after reading it, I totally see how destructive it is and want to stay as far away from it as possible. It’s funny, actually, my Mom had been reading it even before me and has since sworn off wheat and oats and lost 6 pounds. (1/6/14)

….(2.11.14) I’m excited to tell you I have lost 35 pounds since working with you. That is a grand total of 50 pounds since the beginning of last year 15 # on my own and 35 # with you) I am finally to the point of needing to buy some new clothes. So exciting! My husband has lost a total of 75 pounds since the beginning of last year – he is beginning to be unrecognizable.Between the two of us, we have lost a very slender person. Thank you for all your help!”

-Amanda W


I have been following your recommendations for 5 days now and haven’t had one single headache! I hardly know what to do with myself! I can tell my mood seems a little more stable now, too, which I’m sure my kids appreciate.”

-Kristy K