How to take Cataplex B



Odin was recommended to take Cataplex B for heart support via the Heart Sound Recorder. Normal dose would be 6 though he dosed for 12 tablets a day with Nutrition Response Testing.

What is Cataplex B? 

  • Supports a healthy heart
  • Supports physical health
  • Supports nervous system health
  • Helps energy production in cells
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels 
  • supports healthy muscle action
  • (

This mama, though well suited in getting alllll the supplements necessary into her kiddos was a little daunted.

I first smashed 6 of them with the back of a spoon and stirred it into his smoothie (this was surefire and easy when he was little, but now he is FOUR, and FOUR begins to have an opinion). He was happily drinking the smoothie before, then had a sip after I added his cataplex B and he decided he wouldn’t finish it.

Rats, on to Plan B.

Wait, I didn’t have a Plan B.

So I sat down at the table while he ate his breakfast and thought I’d see if a bit of logic worked, knowing full well logic isn’t necessarily where it’s at for FOURS.

I asked him if he’d ever swallowed a raisin without chewing one (I have evidence as a pre-potty trained diapers). He immediately replied with a yes and popped a cataplex b onto his tongue—and swallowed it. Without water.

Close up image of herbal medicines

Then he did it again, and again, and again. Until he had swallowed six of them and there were gone AND washed them down with the smoothie he, just moments ago, had no interest in finishing.

And quickly asked if he could have another one.

I was blown away to say the least, so I had to share it here. There is hope, mama’s, there is hope. At least with this new talent I am looking forward to his future needs with much more ease.

What are your tips & tricks for getting supplements into your kids?



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