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My 6 Favorite Ground Beef Recipes



When it comes to making dinner, I often tap into one of my  6 favorite ground beef recipes as my family never tires of them. There are two tips I have learned, however:
#1— Double the batch, freeze some for later
#2 — Save time and money by using my Insta-Pot
Now that I think about it, there is a third:
#3— Use quality ingredients when and wherever possible.

Keep in mind the idea of Good, Better, and Best.

Educate yourself on the quality of food and real food choices and implement that whenever possible.  For some it’s not possible to buy organic, in which case, stick to your Dirty Dozen to purchase what you can in terms of organic produce. In sharing some of my favorite ground beef recipes, a tip to to go from Good to Better is to switch from purchasing your meat at the grocery store to buying direct from a farmer.

Continue to learn about Best options to what you’re currently using.

Perhaps you’ve purchased meat from a farm that doesn’t use antibiotics or growth hormones though the meat isn’t grass fed.  A better option would be to upgrade to grass fed meat.  If you’re already eating grass fed beef though still grabbing a less expensive whole chicken from the market, consider asking your farmer if they also raise chickens to have the Best option at your fingertips.
We source our beef from Pasture Adickes, a local farm who raises grass fed beef, pork, and chicken.  Located 35 minutes west of our house it’s a fun and easy way to connect with our food, check out the cows, get chased by the turkeys, loved on by the farm kitties, and check in with our ‘neighbors’.  We order 1/4 cow at a time and store it in our deep freeze.  Not only does this save a ton of money as noted in my Cheap Easy Healthy Eating System, it means I’ve got lots of ground beef to use up.  Some of it I thaw and batch cook into our favorite needs such as taco meat and spaghetti sauce, and some nights I grab two packages  to double batch one of our favorite recipes I’ll share with you below.

Recipe #1

This Paleo TExi-Mex dish is a total crowd pleaser.  Use your food processor if you have one as this dish is more time intensive due to the chopping, though so worth it.

Recipe #2 & 3

 AIP (Autoimmune Protocol acceptable) soups/chilis, these were found and given to me by a dear friend who serves the most amazing food when you’re a guest at her table.  These “chili’s” are rich and nourishing, full of flavor and served with avocado.  (Some clients we work with need to follow a more Autoimmune Protocol healing diet, we find this out using Nutrition Response Testing.)
**For the above chili’s and for other beef based soups, I always start with a batch of homemade bone broth.  It’s worth it’s weight in gold and really adds fantastic flavor and nutrients to any soup.  To learn how to make bone broth (trust me, it’s suuuper easy), CLICK HERE.

Recipe #4

Kids love anything they can hold in their hands, right?  That’s the case with food as well.  My kids all love the meat loaves they can hold and these mini meat loaves are a perfect little something that can also easily be sent for lunch the next day.

Recipe #5

Meat balls are also something the whole family loves and are really simple to double or triple a batch and freeze.  This is a recipe we all love!

Recipe #6

Lastly, this hamburger curry dish with a name my kids love to say as it rolls off their tongues, is a dish that was made for us after our second baby was born and it quickly became a family favorite.
I’m constantly adding recipe ideas to my Pinterest boards, and ‘liking’ our Facebook page is a good idea if you’re looking for some inspiration.  Whenever I land on a recipe I like we add it to our scroll so we constantly have great recipes for our followers and clients to try.


Here are two others I stumbled upon recently that look great too!
If you’ve got a favorite ground beef dish, share it with us here!

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