Q:  I paid for my Initial Visit though can’t find where to fill out my online intake paperwork. 
A:  Once you have purchased your session, you can fill out your online intake paperwork right HERE
Q:  What should I do when I fill out my intake form online I get errors and red highlighted fields.
A:  Every field needs filling out, so if the answer doesn’t apply to you just put NA in the field.
Q: I paid for my initial visit though can’t figure out where to schedule it.
A:  You may schedule your Initial Visit with our convenient online scheduler HERE
Note: if you do not receive a confirmation email right away you likely missed a step.  You have to click both Submit and Confirm and receive the confirmation email to know your appointment was properly booked.
Q:  Where is the scheduling link I can use to get my follow up visits on the calendar?
A:  Schedule your 10-15 minute Follow Up Visits HERE