How to Feed Your Family Healthy (Mostly Organic)
Meals for Under $500* a Month,
and Spend Less Than 30-Minutes a Day Preparing

And How to Make them ALL Gluten-Free (if desired)

*$500 is based on a family of four but this program can be adjusted to accommodate whatever size family you have. And the $500
may vary slightly depending on what region you live in.

Are you spending way too much money on groceries and way to
much time slaving away in the kitchen, or worse yet, succumbing to
fast-food on a regular basis?

Eating Organic on a BudgetIf yes, you’re not alone. And I have a solution for you.

You’re a smart mama. You know how important it is to feed your family healthy whole foods that are primarily organic – but it’s so dang expensive to do so!

Recently a mom told me that she spends the equivalent of their monthly mortgage bill on groceries every month. Another told me she spends $300 per week!

A third mom said to me, “I am in school part-time and I stay at home with our children part-time while my husband works. In three years when I am back to work we can start eating healthier, more natural and whole foods because right now we can’t afford it. I wish we could.”

Hearing her say that made my heart stop because I know she can’t afford not to, and yet I understand her predicament. It’s expensive to eat healthy! However, not starting now leads to more food sensitivities, more health problems, more chronic disease, and way more medical bills. As well as lack of energy and mental clarity, and makes you much more prone to colds, flus and seasonal allergies.

In the ten years we’ve had children, we have used our health insurance ONE TIME. That’s only ONE doctor visit outside our regular wellness checks.

Our family of four has only had ONE round of antibiotics in a 10-year time frame – that’s the power of eating well!

Despite ALL of the advantages to eating well, it can be stressful trying to figure out how to buy the healthy organic foods you want without blowing your budget. And then there’s the constant worry about how you’re going to pull it off again next week.

IPSP-girlI grew up clipping coupons with my mom and always being stressed out when it was time to check out. Before I met my husband in my early twenties and into the early days of growing our family, I would panic mode every time we approached the cashier.

No matter how carefully I had shopped, I had always overspent, which sent every ounce of energy I had in backpedaling to figure out where that money was going to come from by the time the check posted.

You don’t want to be that person any more, right? That is some bad juju to have hanging around.

Most of us have times in our life where we are living paycheck to paycheck. The reasons vary, maybe you’re between jobs, perhaps school uniforms are due, the car broke down, or an extra medical bill came in the mail.

Not only do we fear going to the grocery store because it always costs more than we’d like, we feel guilty if we haven’t clipped coupons or can’t say no when the kids throw extra stuff into the cart.

The other thing that happens as a result of being worried and panicky about what we’re spending on food is that we begin to buy more convenience foods, which aren’t as good for us. They are more heavily processed, sit right at eye level on the shelf, and are typically the foods that get marked way down in price and save us the most money.

Here’s the problem with this — it’s j-u-n-k!!! And that junk is only going to increase your medical bills and suck the energy out of your emotional well being.

It’s time to find another way.

I’ve got the solution for you!


You can feed your family healthy primarily organic whole foods-based meals that are quick and easy-to-prepare, gluten-free (if desired), and delicious – for UNDER $500 a month! And that includes packing healthy school lunches.

You won’t find yourself in a quiet panic next time you approach the cashier at the grocery store, and you won’t have to cut coupons.

And, for many of the items on your list you won’t even have to leave home to get them.

(Insert angels singing and clouds parting here!)

I know you have good intentions to be healthy and to raise healthy kids, and you certainly want more money in the bank.

IPSP-nichifam1 My name is Nichole Hirsch Kuechle (pronounced “Nikki”, and you can just forget the German on German middle and last names). I’m busting at the seams with excitement to reveal the secret no one shared with me 10 years ago when I started grocery shopping for our family.

I spent YEARS learning how to feed my family of four, healthy (mostly) organic easy-to-prepare meals for under $500 a month. Now,  I’m sharing the fruits of my labor with you today so you can save money right away.   You won’t have to spend years at it like I did.

I’ll share all of my trade secrets with you, right now, today.

This program will save you an incredible amount of time and money because you don’t have to:

  • research easy healthy yummy recipes (done for you!)
  • make grocery lists (done for you!)
  • know what to buy or where (done for you!)
  • get in the car as often (wahoo!)
  • find the resources (done!)
  • figure out how to set up your kitchen for maximum efficiency (I show you how!)
  • create an organizing system (I give you mine!)
The Real Food Real Budget System is a super simple
at-home program that takes you, step-by-step, through Why we need to shop for better foods, Where to shop for them, and exactly How to save time and money (and LOTS of it!).

With This Program You’ll Get Instant Access To:

  • How to Slash Your Grocery Bill Guidebook
  • Downloadable Audio of the Guidebook
  • 1 Week Gluten-Free Meal Plan Including Recipes & Grocery List
  • The Kitchen Clean Out Guide: Your Step-by-Step Guide to What Goes, What Stays & Why You Need to Know (This Kitchen Clean Out Guide alone will slim down your waistline and leave you with more room in your kitchen).
  • Simple and Quick Videos to lead you through your own Kitchen Clean Out
  • Downloadable audio of the Kitchen Clean Out ebook
  • FunSheets (your not-so-average- worksheets! They are fun easy sheets that will keep you organized and save you oodles of time.)
Some Street Cred…

IPSP-nichiAs a Certified First Line Therapy Lifestyle Educator I have been helping families with lifestyle change for 7 years-this isn’t my first rodeo finding creative ways to get more healthy food into families for less.

I work with clients one-on-one testing them for food sensitivities, immune callings, chemical/metal toxicities as a Certified Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner. And based on the results I provide them an easy-to-follow designed clinical nutrition plan to handle and manage the findings.  I take it one step further with this program so my clients gain a clear understanding of how to navigate shopping for allergen free foods on a budget.

Creating meal plans for various dietary needs is something I do every day.

In my role as a Birth Doula and Bradley Natural Childbirth Instructor, my goal is to educate and inform families from preconception through parenthood by creating wellness one family at a time. That begins with mama making the right decisions for her body. From the beginning we focus on having her eat the best food she can within her budget.

I am a sought after speaker, frequently giving presentations at corporate Lunch’n’Learns, moms groups, conferences and tele-summmits. This information deserves to be shared.

The Benefits of Implementing this Unique Program


This program makes meal planning and prep convenient. To start implementing, simply download the audio to your iPod, SmartPhone, tablet or computer for easy listening while folding laundry, in the car, or out for a walk. And/or you can download the PDF’s to read. It’s all done for you and ready to go!

Done-for-You Meal Planning

With the included meal plan I’ve got you covered for the first week! And you’ll have an opportunity to purchase more weekly meal plans that include recipes and a grocery list.

Done-for-You Grocery List

No need to spend time making a grocery list – I’ve done it for you. And if you’re looking to save even more time and money, I share with you my online shopping resources that allow you get most of your shopping done online from the convenience of your home or office.

FunSheets to Keep You Organized

You won’t find boring worksheets here, but FunSheets that get you thinking about your health, your family, your home and specifically your kitchen. Taking charge of your life is Fun! Learning new things is Fun! Having a simple and efficient organizing system is FUN! And getting healthier and saving money is definitely FUN!

Charts that Make Implementation Super Simple

Not sure what to replace the old stuff with? The charts included make weaning your family off sugar easy (and pleasant for them!) by showing you exactly what to replace the bad stuff with.

More Money in Your Bank Account

You’ll save money – and LOTS of it! Plus you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re doing what’s best for your family, and have more time to spend with your family.

A Slim Sexy Body and LOTS of Energy

This meal plan keeps your blood sugar balanced, which is essential to dropping the extra weight and maintaining lasting energy throughout the day.

The Health of Your Whole Family Will Improve

Having sick kids or being sick yourself is time consuming, expensive, and exhausting. This program will help ensure your family is sick far less often.

You’re Kids Will Have Fewer Tantrums

Kids who have balanced blood sugar and proper nutrients are more balanced emotionally, have an easier time focusing and learning, have fewer behavior issues, and generally get better grades in school.

You’ll Have New Topics to Discuss With Your Spouse or Partner

This provides an opportunity for more communication, connection and relatedness.

What People Are Saying About This Program

“Nichi writes with encouragement and simplicity providing great insights for working through the challenges of feeding a family well on a budget. You will learn why and how she does it and gain insights into the little but very important things that make it possible and affordable.After reading the materials I felt as though I had just spent a few hours with a food coach. I have so badly wanted to begin strengthening our families food habits and now I have the exact tools I need to move ahead and make some real changes.”

-Laura Smith

“Although we eat a pretty clean diet already, I wanted to weigh in to support Nichi’s claim that it does seem daunting at first [to convert your family to a healthy whole foods diet], but Nichi’s program is a great place to start because she makes it simple and affordable!

You’ll absolutely love her suggestion to order certain ingredients from less expensive online sources (which she provides details about). This is something we have not been doing and I know it will save us a lot of money!  Thanks Nichi!!”

-Sharis Cooley, Minneapolis, MN

“This program has truly been a gift to our family. We have saved over $400 dollars the first month using Nichi’s tips. I’m grateful for the years of research, sourcing, trial and error that Nichi spent to perfect the art of eating healthy on a shoestring budget. It has saved me a TON of time (not to mention the thousands of dollars it will save us this year), and given us peace of mind knowing our kids are eating well. This is what I have been looking for, but never knew where to find it. Thank you Nichi!!”

-Monika Hoyt, Excelsior, MN

“Nichi’s product has easy common sense ways to look through your kitchen and reframe it into a healthy kitchen and eating plan for you and your family. This book is not just good for pregnant moms, but for moms of kids of any age! Thanks Nichi for sharing your years of wisdom!”

– Laurie Moser, mom of a 7 year old and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
“This e-book is wonderful! What an easy read-yet extremely informational! After reading it a couple of times, I’m motivated to changing up a few things in my kitchen!! And the ideas for how to store food are perfect. Cause unless you store it correctly and buy in bulk…buying organic can be spendy. But Nichi gives practical ideas on how to eat right, save money and make the most out of your shopping trips! Love the tip on freezing deli meats~ because they go bad so quickly in the fridge! And also love the idea on eating with the season. I really connected with the “how does your kitchen make you feel” question. Personally if my kitchen is a mess, i don’t want to be in it, much less cook a healthy meal when i have to first clean all the pots and pans from yesterday’s meal! If i walk into a clutter free/clean kitchen with a bowl of fresh fruit smiling at me…that’s much better and I am motivated to create healthful meals!Great e-book, wonderful and complete info and a great resource to have on hand!
Thanks for creating this!

– Sarah Hermann Plymouth, MN
Order the Program Today
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Your 3 FREE Bonuses:
Bonus #1: 5 Ways to Avoid a Blood Sugar Crash
(These 5 tips are so easy to implement, you’ll wonder why nobody ever told you about them!)-change to:…..you’ll wonder why it was kept a secret!!
Bonus #2: 8 Tips for Quickly Shopping Any Grocery Store for Healthy Food
I used to hate being out of town and away from my favorite stores. There was nothing worse than making my way through a town (or country!) I didn’t know in order to find the right foods. 8 Ways to Shop Any Grocery Store for Healthy Food will tell you what to stay away from and how to shop any store and find the basics for what you need to stay in tip-top shape until you return to the home land!
Bonus #3: Food Resource List
The world wide web can be a tangle if you don’t know exactly where to go to slash your grocery bill. This list gives you an easy place to start and I even share what I typically spend and where.

The 100% money back guarantee is because I believe in this product.  If you don’t have more time and energy and that wallet of yours isn’t more full after using this product,  I will refund your purchase 100% – no questions asked.


You don’t have to clip coupons, waste gas, money and time when it comes to grocery shopping.

Save money.

Have more time.

Experience peace of mind.

…then buy yourself a pair of shoes with the extra cash in your wallet. 🙂

Slash Your Grocery Bill Right Now and Feed Your Family Delicious

Healthy Gluten-Free Meals that Are Fast and Easy to Prepare

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