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Grain Free Thanksgiving

  Thanks and Giving and Turkey.  Sounds like a season of gratitude and fullness to me. And though it’s last minute, I know several of

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How I Use Essential Oils

Earlier this week I popped onto Facebook Live to share about how I use essential oils. Of course this regimen changes daily with my needs. It depends

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Who "Needs" a Doula?

Who needs a doula? If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, I would NOT give birth without a birth doula.  We

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Cinnamon Crispy Walnuts

  The benefits of the healthy carb/fat ratio of nuts are invaluable and are easily digested when prepared properly. Over here I showed you how to

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How to Make Squash

It is the month for cooking and baking all things squash, right? I stumbled across this idea somewhere (probably Pinterest) about a year ago and

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