Using the Emotional Freedom Technique may reduce stress and tension and support your family in creating peace of mind.

Tapping for Kids

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique may reduce stress and tension and support your family in creating peace of mind. Try this free class today.

How homeopathy may benefit the health of your family.

Interview with Homeopath & Herbalist, Sarah Damlo

The benefits of using homeopathy and how it works.

Finding solutions for stress management in overwhelming times can be frustrating. Tapping with the Emotional Freedom Technique can help.

How to Use the Emotional Freedom Technique

Stay grounded and get connected with this free Emotional Freedom Technique class.

How to take Cataplex B

    Odin was recommended to take Cataplex B for heart support via the Heart Sound Recorder. Normal dose would be 6 though he dosed for 12 tablets a day with Nutrition Response Testing. What is Cataplex B?  Supports a healthy heart Supports physical health Supports nervous system health Helps energy production in cells Supports Read more

Detox Tips video with Nichole Hirsch Kuechle

To view the video, CLICK HERE   How we come about the desire for detox is really based upon the individual. Weight loss and muscle build is a goal for some, whereas a particular symptom or experience leads another to detox for an answer. What I’ve come to understand and experience is that we all Read more

What is thermography and why get a scan?

 There I was in the doctors office, 18 years old, and scared to death. My mom had just gone into remission with her Hodgkins Disease and I was demanding a mammogram. I was terrified that I had (or would have) breast cancer. The doctor poo-poo’d my request a) because I was young, and b) because Read more

Spiced chai latte

Photo credit: Parks Photography Chai. It’s like the one word summary of all things I loved in my early twenties. Warm, cozy, with a bit of spice…or cold, with an energizing boost. I’d take them either way. This years long love affair began with Caribou and a dear friend twenty years my senior. We both Read more

How to Make Healthy Holiday Bark

How to make healthy holiday barkPhoto cred: Parks Photography Holiday bark is one of those quintessential Christmas treats in the spread of sweets at our family gatherings when I was younger. Truth be told it’s still offered and is one of those goodies that I’ve had to politely pass on lest I feel the wrath Read more

Full Moon Challenge

***DISCLAIMER: This post contains a sensitive photo AT THE VERY END. I’ll give you lots of warning before I show it.*** My journey with parasites began about 7 years ago when I first began my Nutrition Response Testing program. I didn’t know that they could have been to blame for my ongoing cystic acne, my Read more

Heart Health, Naturally

Cardiovascular disease accounts for 1 out of every 3 deaths in the United States. It takes more lives than cancer. Every 40 seconds, an American will have a heart attack. Heart attacks ($12.1 billion) and Coronary Heart Disease ($9.0 billion) were 2 of the 10 most expensive conditions treated in US hospitals in 2013. (source Read more


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