Have you tried eliminating this food group?

Our little Odin.  He’ll be three in less than two weeks. It’s taken me much of his nearly three years to get him de-bugged. To get his nervous system from being haywire, to get the child to sleep at night. To get the child to sleep at all, really. A common question during these three Read More

Nutrition Response Testing for Babies

  Nothing is more stressful than being a new mama and learning to decipher and translate all the sounds, coos, and cries of their new wee one.  Nutrition Response Testing for babies can be a lifesaver for the postpartum mom earning her degree in new motherhood. As if being their go to for EV-ER-Y-THING the Read More

What Does Vaccine Injury Look Like?

I’m grateful I will never have to answer the question of what does vaccine injury look like in our kids.  Not vaccinating was a powerful ( and well educated) choice we made for our children before they were even born. Having worked in the alternative health field for over twenty years, I have heard a Read More

Summer Zinger Popsicles

  When the humidity and heat hit, we reach for what can cool us off, right?  Anything on a stick or in a squeezee at our house is always a hit. We had some Knudsen’s orange carrot juice in the fridge (as a vessel for the kids getting their liquid cod liver oil in every Read More

The beauty products I swapped out and why

I was like every other teenager (and young woman) who spent way too much time in front of the mirror.  Where I may have been different is that I didn’t spend so much time applying make up, I mean, I enjoyed using make up though where others were giving themselves makeovers, I was popping zits Read More

A behind the scenes look at the office

      Everyone loves a behind-the-scenes look at life, so I’ve decided to share a look-see into life on a monthly basis.  There are so many things that happen behind the scenes to make our Nutrition Response Testing clinic run smoothly.  Every day feels like a new day, with adhering to new guidelines and Read More

Why I Started Drinking THIS Coffee

Typical coffee is acidic and tied to digestive issues, heartburn, and lacks any nutrient density. My coffee, however, is the opposite. Some prefer the “convenience” of the K-cups or driving through for their favorite cuppa Joe.  The coffee I’m drinking is worth the time it takes to heat and pour because this one has anti-inflammatory Read More

How to make dairy free coconut yogurt

Yogurt.  I love it.  I’ve always loved it. There have been many yogurt years that weren’t as healthy as others. All those years where I didn’t know, and nobody had told me. First, my body does NOT have an appreciation for the cow dairy family. I didn’t learn this until I was 23.  After experiencing Read More

High Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

  You know those days where you graze like a milking cow all day long?  This was how I formerly ate, and truth be told, it’s how I eat when breastfeeding for the first 18 months.  Not that I’m in the clear at month 27 of breastfeeding, but the need to squelch the appetite for Read More

Healthy Hot Cocoa

  Ely, MN in the fall means beautiful leaf colors, crisp water, unlimited starry nights, mud puddles, bonfires, and bundled up sleeping for cool nights.  This fall trip, however, gave us a couple beautiful 70+ degree weather.  So much so that our girls went swimming at Dry Lake/Basswood Falls, our favorite hike of the year Read More


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