Real food substitutes for breakfast

  We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Did you know it’s supposed to be your biggest meal of the day? This post and the video below will give you more ideas on real food substitutes for breakfast. We’re all in different camps when it comes to breakfast. Which breakfast […]

Why elimination diets don’t work

    In our Nutrition Response Testing office we get people who have “tried everything” with their diet.  They are frustrated, maxed out, and overwhelmed with the information out there.  The information is helpful, though general, and we can only get to the finite individuality by seeing the individual!  A common complaint is from a […]

Purification Program Day 21

    Better late than never, folks!  The Purification Program Day 21 report is right at your fingertips. It has been a blast tracking everyone’s progress here in the office.  We have pounds lost, inches wittled away, belt notches gone down, supplement needs gone down, supplement dosings are down, and everyone is feeling great. Be […]

creating community in the postpartum year

    Being a “new” mama has got to be the world’s toughest job, and creating community in the new postpartum year seems to be the only way out. When I say “new” I mean, every stinkin’ time you become a mother, no matter how many children you have, it’s a path, every time, with […]

Food Detox Tips

  Today I’m here with food detox tips.  Not to tell you how to make a 180 degree change, but how to take some simple steps toward cleaning up the food you’re putting in your body.  There are a million other videos you could watch, documentaries to view, books to read, and e-books to opt-in […]

Household Detox Tips

    When we hear the word ‘detox’ the image we conjure up looks something like: a glamorous super model with beautiful, flowing, sun-kissed locks sexily (new word of the day) drinking a green smoothie with her flawless skin and tanned 6 ft long legs with not a hint of cellulite. The real image looks more like […]

Skin Detox Tips + a few of my favorite skincare products

      This week I am sharing some skin detox tips + a few of my favorite skincare products and ideas.  I had no idea how nutty women are about their skin until I started sharing my crazy skin history…which, I guess makes me nutty as well. We spend so much time hemming and […]

Detox Tips for Long Term Success

  You guys, do I have a story for you. Detox Tips for Long Term Success Last Friday night I was to be keynote speaker to launch an intimate series called Well.BEing in partnership between My Healthy Beginning, Beauty Ecology, and Park Nicollet Integrative Medicine (Dr. Jennifer Klos). We had a decent number of women […]

Purification Program Day 13

As we launch the start of our in office group purification program, I’m on day 13 and feeling awesome. The bloating has gone away, my energy is great, I am sleeping really well (and so is the baby) and the only thing I’m noticing is that my skin is breaking out a bit below my […]

Purification Program Day 6

  It’s Day 6 of my Standard Process Purification Program and boy, have I seen change!  If you recall in this video a week ago I was feeling the need to cleanse…I had some bloating that was unusual for me.  I noticed it about a week before Christmas, and I eat on plan so the […]