After you purchase your Birth Doula package, I will contact you to set up your 90-minute Prenatal Visit in the comfort of your home. During our time together we’ll discuss your birth plan, comfort measures, and birthing positions. This is essential as we establish ourselves as your birth team and as we prepare to provide you with optimal support.

You call me when you think labor has begun. I offer support via phone on position suggestions, ideas for progressing labor, what to eat and drink, and when to rest for ultimate comfort and pain relief.

Once you start active labor, I will meet you at the place you’ve chosen to give birth (the hospital, birth center, or your home). I will be there by your side throughout your active labor assisting you in having the best birth experience possible. In the unlikely event I cannot personally attend your labor (due to illness or family emergency) a member of my back-up team will be on call and sent to support you.

After your birth I will be there 1-2 hours to provide you with lactation support, emotional support, and partner/spouse support, help making you feel as comfortable physically as possible, and to answer questions.

Please note: I do not support unassisted births.

Within a week after you give birth, I will come to your home for your 2-hour Postpartum Visit. This visit is a time for processing your birth, asking questions, sharing resources and tips, and to support your peace of mind.

You will also get two 30-minute coaching calls with me (scheduled at your convenience) to get your questions answered, check in, and to guide you to any resources that you may need or want.

Schedule a free no-obligation 30-minute “Next Step Session”. I will come to your home to meet with you and your spouse or partner to get acquainted with you, find out what your needs and goals are, and answer all of your questions.

If you feel I am the perfect fit to be your Birth Doula, you can purchase your Birth Doula package and we can do your Prenatal Visit right then, or we can schedule it for another day.