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How we come about the desire for detox is really based upon the individual. Weight loss and muscle build is a goal for some, whereas a particular symptom or experience leads another to detox for an answer.

What I’ve come to understand and experience is that we all benefit from a subtle daily detox, and the reason behind that is due to the perpetual state of toxicity we live in. If you look around, so much of what we see is violence and upset. What we may hear is harsh and loud. From the air we breath to products we put on our bodies and from the foods we eat to the company we surround ourself with.

Now that I’ve made it sound like we live in a terrible world, let me share what I see about our planet. There is beauty all around us. From conversations we have, to what we put in and on our bodies and from the bounty of food available to us, we all have the ability to connect with nature and with each other-to fulfill upon the mission of loving and serving. BUT, we can’t do that from an empty bucket.

Detox is also what you make of it. For some it’s the subtle daily detox of the Nutrition Response Testing program we have them on. For others it might look like a liver cleanse, a gallbladder flush, or a charcoal mask. Another may choose coffee enemas or castor oil packs to get their detox experience going. With our work we get to experience that daily and lean into the nudge the body gives us when it needs or wants more.

In this video I share the following detox tips:

What foods to avoid during a detox

What foods you may eat during a detox

What to drink during a detox

My detox go-to’s (including some “cheats”!)

Detox modifications

Best ways to support yourself during a detox


***Note: In the video we talk about the price discrepancy between what we charge In-Office ($297) for 21 Day Standard Process Purification Program vs what you can purchase through the direct order option. ***

The $297 21 Day Standard Process Purification Program purchased at My Healthy Beginning includes:

—>Standard Process hardcover 1 degree of change cookbook

—>Measurements, visceral fat, & weigh-in at beginning and end of your program.

—>Muscle test (if you’re not already on a program with us) for the appropriate shake blend and fiber option for our 21 day cleanse.


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