Pregnancy Conference

One thing I love doing is pulling things off the Future/Someday/I’ll-Get-To-It list and making it happen in the Now. Enter the Empower Your Pregnancy Online Conference.  After studying telesummits for a couple of years, and finding very little on the pregnancy topic I knew we could bring one to you. The topics we discuss range […]

1 batch of granola later

Today was my day…you know the one day you have to prepare for the whole week, to make food and do laundry and make 7 phone calls and run 3 errands and catch up on 2 weeks of work that got left behind when everyone was sick, not to mention be with your child? That […]

Guest Blog: The right clothes do make you happy!

Welcome Guest Blogger, Marny Fyfe of Urban Sass What we wear and how we feel are inextricably linked. A recent article in highlights research on this very topic. The study, which provides a look into how we can improve our moods “shows that clothes impact strongly on how we feel and may also influence […]

It’s Winter! A guest blog post by Let’s Talk Kids

It’s Winter! A guest blog post by Let’s Talk Kids

Kids are observers and notice everything around them.  When the seasons change, they recognize things outside are different.   Take this opportunity to teach a lesson about seasons. In winter, as the ground freezes or becomes covered with snow, tell your child that there are four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. Explain that things […]

Do babies need tummy time?

Today I spoke with Stephanie Johnson, of Sage Education Center in South Minneapolis. She is a wealth of knowledge for expecting and new parents, and a saving grace for those whose children are older and in need of Developmental Movement. Having worked with moms and babies for fifteen years, I know the importance of holding […]

Chiropractic for Kids

Chiropractic for kids has been such a life saver for our family.  When we look at our family’s wellness and the modalities we us among the natural healthcare field, chiropractic care is in the top 3. Both of our girls have been adjusted almost every two weeks since birth.  This has been an immense benefit […]

Gluten Free Holiday Baking

On Saturday I spent part of the day with my sister, niece, nephew and mom as we baked Christmas goodies.  I had no plans of bringing anything home that wasn’t gluten free, so I brought a couple easy recipes to throw together that our family would enjoy. Pumpkin Breakfast Bars from Lithe Wellness Solutions and […]

In the Spirit of Giving

This year I made holiday shopping so easy on myself.  With little to no hand-mades (insert guilty mama here) for the youngin’s, I sat in my pajamas eating a bowl of apple crisp and had a little date with a few favorites (namely Amazon, Nova Natural and LL Bean). Last year at this time I […]

Let’s Talk Kids: an Interview with Candi Walz

One of the things I am all about here at My Healthy Beginning is sharing of the amazing resources I have come across, from near and far. A little over a year ago I met Candi Walz  in a leadership development course and we instantly hit it off.  A few months later, Let’s Talk Kids […]

FREE Pregnancy Online Conference

Psst…you’ll want to jog on over to this page to check out (AND register for) the FREE Empower Your Pregnancy Online Conference. See you there! (giggle)