How I keep my children healthy

  Many parents online and in my practice ask how I keep my children healthy.  It’s not a quick answer, it’s not the right answer, and it’s not going to resonate with everyone.  For those of you who have asked, my intention in sharing this is to empower you to follow your heart with  regards […]

Why you would use a protein powder

    Like every nutrition topic out there, the use of protein powders is highly debatable. From ingredient lists to where they are sourced and how the body uses them to whether we need them at all, just google the topic and you’ll get sucked right in. The best way to share why I love […]

What should I feed my kids?

  What should I feed my kids?  This is a question I get asked often, along with this one:  What do YOU feed your kids?  It never occurred to me that I knew what I was doing in the world of food + children until 2007 when a functional medicine doc I worked for asked […]

Why I prefer grain free baking over gluten free baking

  A question we often get with our Nutrition Response Testing clients is that of how to continue baking their family favorite goodies on a gluten free diet.  After 11 years of eating gluten free, here’s what I’ll share about why I prefer grain free baking over gluten free baking: IT’S EASIER! AND MORE NUTRIENT […]

What do I need to eliminate from my diet for my baby?

I see this question all the time on social media, and I’ll preface this by saying I am NOT a medical doctor, and nothing I say is to treat, diagnose, or prescribe.  What do I need to eliminate from my diet for my baby? This question is typically coming from a mama who’s got a […]

The alternative to a Shamrock Shake

To be clear, I didn’t create the recipe I’m about to share.  I owe this one to Standard Process.  Their version of the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is amazing. Finding an alternative to this dessert filled with both chemical toxins and allergens is a tank load of burden on the body.  But before I get into […]

High energy snacks for after school sports

  If you or your kids are looking for high energy snacks for after school sports, and you’re relying on finding them at the concession stand or in vending machines, good luck! Ifyou’ve got kids in after school or weekend sports, then perhaps you’re with me when I express my concern for the on-site food choices […]

Real food substitutes for breakfast

  We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Did you know it’s supposed to be your biggest meal of the day? This post and the video below will give you more ideas on real food substitutes for breakfast. We’re all in different camps when it comes to breakfast. Which breakfast […]

Why elimination diets don’t work

    In our Nutrition Response Testing office we get people who have “tried everything” with their diet.  They are frustrated, maxed out, and overwhelmed with the information out there.  The information is helpful, though general, and we can only get to the finite individuality by seeing the individual!  A common complaint is from a […]

Purification Program Day 21

    Better late than never, folks!  The Purification Program Day 21 report is right at your fingertips. It has been a blast tracking everyone’s progress here in the office.  We have pounds lost, inches wittled away, belt notches gone down, supplement needs gone down, supplement dosings are down, and everyone is feeling great. Be […]