Save 20% with online supplement ordering

Our clients are committed to taking supplements for reasons such as: anti-aging weight loss gut repair (this is probably one of the biggest reasons we see) acne skin issues sleep concerns low energy/fatigue …you know, to name a few! Whether you’ve been taking supplements for ages or you just recently began adding more nutrients to your […]

Dairy Free Ranch Dressing

  Let’s talk about food combinations for a minute…breadsticks and red sauce, pizza and applesauce, cookie dough and ice cream, peanut butter and chocolate, strawberries and chocolate, dried mango and chocolate, coconut and chocolate, (well, just about anything with chocolate), and then there’s ranch dressing, with, again, just about anything. It’s a dip for pizza […]

Tamari Roasted Sunflower Seeds

  Sunflower seeds, the smell of their salty hulls on the floor of my dads old brown diesel truck mixed with stale coffee and browning bananas on the dashboard are such a nostalgic food for me.  My husband tells me nobody talks or thinks about food as much as I do.  I think part of […]

Cinnamon Crispy Walnuts

  The benefits of the healthy carb/fat ratio of nuts are invaluable and are easily digested when prepared properly. Over here I showed you how to roast your own almonds, which can be done with any nut, though keep in mind walnuts and cashews are softer than almonds and will roast up a bit faster. The […]

Grain Free Breakfast Honey Cake

  Mmmm, the smell of honey cake from the oven at our house gets a certain 8 year olds mouth watering.  And it bodes well for mama as well, remembering back to the days when I’d pick Sunny up from her sweet little Waldorf school and be greeted by the smell of fresh kindergarten bread […]

How to make guacamole

    Once upon a time last weekend, Fannie asked if we could make a dinner out of appetizers for Valentine’s Day.  I thought it was a great idea….after all, I had kind of missed the Super Bowl (and consequently anything fun around it) and the girls were up for a little fun for dinner. […]

Surprise!! Baking Grain Free is EASIER than Baking Gluten Free!

If I would have known then what I know now…how often do we say this to ourselves?  My goal with today’s blog is to save you time and money by sharing what I wish I would have known 10ish years ago when we first learned we needed to remove gluten from our diets. Our sweet […]

Meal Planning For The Busy Mom

You know what this is about.  The food conundrum.  The ongoing battle of what I want to serve and what I had time to prepare or offer my family.  The jumping on and sliding off the guilt trip of what our children deserve and what actually lands on the plate. It’s meal planning for the busy […]

Healthy Hot Chocolate

  Brrrr….baby, it’s cold outside! Not being one to complain about winter weather (does the youth xc ski club have to be cancelled again?) and being cold, I’ll admit to being one to complain that events have to be rescheduled—we want to be outside soaking up the fresh air and sunshine. Whether it’s sledding, walking, […]

10 acts of gratitude

  Feeling grateful this season and not sure how to show it? I’ve collected 10 acts of gratitude for you to spread far and wide. Sometimes I’m overcome with gratitude for what others have done for me, how they support me and for simply who they are for my family and I. Doing a little […]