Imagine being a Healthy, Supported, & Nurtured Mom…

Birth Doula… You are able to provide the best care possible to your children because YOU are well cared for.

I support moms from pregnancy through parenthood to create wellness one family at a time.

I do this by offering the following services: Nutrition Response Testing,  Coaching, Birth Doula Services, Speaking, and Childbirth Education.

After 15 years of successfully supporting families, my approach is to look at the whole picture to determine the needs of you AND your family.


This may include:

Finding answers and getting support for what ails you.   Nutrition Response Testing 
will support your body in getting the healing it needs from the inside out.  From food intolerances to immune challenges, chemicals and metals, our bodies and those of our wee ones, are struggling to keep up. The results of this trouble might look (though aren’t limited to) like belly aches, anxiety, acne, chronic pain, extra weight or eczema. The program is in place to support ongoing healing, increased energy and to create an awareness around how to manage and maintain your health.


Pregnancy and New Parent Coaching offers clarity and aha moments found only in the space of non-judgemental listening.  Expecting or being a new mom brings with it a whole  train of emotions and visions.  Find space, permission and acknowledgement for what you are experiencing with a seasoned coach, mama and birth worker.


Creating a nurturing environment for childbirth.  Getting trained is the first step toward creating the birth you desire. In this Child Birth Education series you will discover pain management techniques, learn to honor your breath,  tap into your physical prowess, get quiet with relaxation methods and become acquainted with comfort measures, all in the space of preparing yourself to welcome your baby into the world.


Finding answers.  Nutrition Response Testing can aide you in understanding what foods or chemicals need to be eliminated from (or added into) your diet, and how well your current supplements are working for you.  The program is in place to support ongoing healing, increased energy and to create an awareness around how to manage and maintain your health.


Classes, conferences, workshops and more… Being a mom means always finding what’s next for your family.  I know this story all too well. I am committed to providing you with fun and interesting Events that will keep you on your toes.


Hi Nichi, I can’t help myself…I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your writing is.  If I was 30 years younger and on the baby journey in my life I would have loved to have you as a part of my parenting experience.  I will continue to recommend you to the young moms I work with.  Thanks for sharing.  You do deserve to do what you love…and you do it well. -Carol H.



Whether you’re a new or seasoned mama, you’ll love the New Parent Tool Kit and BONUS eBook, How to Raise a Healthy Child

FREE to you today, and with a value of $47.97, my gift to you includes:

The New Parent Tool Kit

  • 12 Tips on How to Maximize Your Health During Pregnancy
  • Complete Hospital & Home Birth Packing List
  • 10 Tips to Having a Healthy & Happy Newborn
  • Creative Ideas for Helping Siblings Adjust
  • Healthy & Easy Food Tips that Will Keep You Energized (and producing milk)
  • A List of My Favorite Gadgets &  Baby Care Items

How to Raise a Healthy Child

  • 4 Easy Ways to Get Your Kiddos to Eat their Greens 
  • 5 Simple School Lunch Ideas
  • How to Get Your Kids off Sugar Chart
  • Fun Create at Home Projects
  • 5 Supplements that Keep Kids Healthy
  • 3 Delicious and Nutritious Smoothie Recipes
  • BONUS Snack Recipes


THIS is exactly why i know you are perfect for me, for us…with this birth.  I honestly could not be happier right now…i feel so supported.  thank you.  thank you.  thank you.  tearing up because i feel so blessed.-Sarah Hermann

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